Awakenings … Yoga … Ice Cream … Gear


I’m so bummed. About 3 years ago, I bought this amazing Now and Zen alarm clock that gives me the most beautiful and peaceful awakening every morning. It chimes once … then chimes again 3 1/2 minutes later. The interval between the chimes decreases until I am definitely up no matter what time it is. I LOVE that alarm clock! And it stopped working last week.

I paid over $100 for this bamboo alarm clock. So, I assumed that there would be information on how to repair it. Obviously this is a fine product, and I’m sure with a name like Zen, the customer service will be very helpful. I found their website, and there was nothing about repairing it. So, I googled “zen alarm clock stopped”. My, oh my. Scores of horrible reviews about this clock popped up. I’m lucky I got 3 years out of mine. Other folks only got a few months or nothing at all. There’s a warranty for a year, so some got replacements, but the replacements broke, too. After the warranty expired, the company does nothing except offer a new clock for $79. Their facebook page is filled with complaints, and they don’t even bother to answer them. I posted my two cents and decided to move on to another solution.

Peaceful Progression Alarm Clock

Peaceful Progression Alarm Clock

One of the theories about why we don’t remember our dreams is that our loud alarms clocks jolt us into reality so fast that our dreams scatter from our subconscious. I really want a gentle awakening. The last few days I’ve been using my phone, and I hate that I have to get up and shut it off as soon as it goes off, or it annoys the hell out of me. I want to lay around for a few minutes and slowly wake up. So, I looked at an article with suggestions for gentle alarm clocks. I found a Peaceful Progression Alarm Clock that looks nice, but it’s a little out of my budget right now.  LLBean had a Moon Beam Clock that offers a “light” wake-up in combination with a soft or loud bell (my choice). It’ was half the price with free shipping with the discount code, so I ordered it. I wish the internet was magic so I could have it tonight, but I’ll have to wait a week. It’s really cute and retro. I’ll let you know how it goes.

My new alarm clock!

My new alarm clock!

A friend of mind from high school texted me yesterday and said he’s started a yoga practice to help him heal his “old athlete” body. I was so thrilled to hear about it! I have another girlfriend that just started yoga, too. They are both seeing remarkable improvements. It is such a healing practice. I’ve been back to a daily practice now for about 3 weeks, and I’m seeing so much improvement in my mood and my physical body. Bill said he was only doing 25-40 minutes a day, but I assured him I only do about 20 minutes a day, and that was far superior to doing one or two long classes a week. Consistency is what really makes a difference in yoga.

I invested in a yoga teacher training class about 10 years ago, and it has proved to be such a great investment. I haven’t taught much yoga, but it taught me so much about yoga that I can lead my own practices. It saves me money because I can practice on my own, and yoga can be expensive. More importantly, it is a tool that I can access anytime I feel like I need to make a change in my life. If I’m feeling stressed, all I have to do is start practicing yoga for a week or two, and I totally settle down. If my body gets tense or hurt, I know what poses work to heal it. I go back to it over and over again.

This morning my body was craving twists, so I did a 20-minute practice full of spinal twists of all variations. We often think of yoga as being about stretching, but one of the best benefits of yoga is the compression of the body. For instance, when you take child’s pose, your knees and legs are bent and the underside of your knee is compressed. This stops or significantly slows the blood flow to that area. When you release the pose, the blood flows quickly back into the joint flooding it with nutrient-rich blood and other fluids which help heal any types of issues you have. In twists, the spine is twisted, and the compression of the muscles around the spine experience the same rush of blood and fluid after release. So, this morning, I was getting all of this great blood flow and lubrication for my spine. It felt really good and energizing.


Last night was the first backpacking class. When we parked at LSU, I noticed that the LSU dairy store was right next door. I have never been – that I can remember – and I’ve been dying to get over there and try their homemade ice cream from their dairy farms. The young lady said they had sold out of most flavors since it was so late in the day but recommended the chocolates. I chose the chocolate almond, and it was absolutely divine. For some reason, it tasted better than even those premium ice creams I buy in the stores. From now on, I know where my ice cream splurges are happening.


I came away from the class feeling a little shell-shocked. The instructor did a brief overview of all the gear we would cover during the course, and I spent my time on my phone seeing how much all of this crap cost. For a minute, I was thinking that this hobby is out of my reach financially. I calmed down a bit later in the evening and reminded myself that I actually already have some things like tents and sleeping bags and hiking clothes, so I just need to chill to find out how much else I really need to buy. If I go with somebody, maybe they’ll have some of the stuff I don’t have, and we can share. Next week we get to go to the Backpacker and play with the gear. I’ve heard that backpackers talk incessantly about “gear”. I’m starting to see that’s not far from the truth.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I’m ready for the weekend! Woohoo!!! Y’all have a good one.

Slaying Demons Makes Me Giggle


I’ve been on a quest the last couple of weeks to raise my vibrations. I saw Lexlee for some energy work, and she urged me to do some things every day to keep positive energy going. I have a feeling that where I sit at work downstairs in the dark in a cubicle has a lot of lower level energy that never has a chance to filter out. So, I thought that would be a good place to focus my energy-raising efforts.

Every morning I’ve been getting up to practice yoga and meditate. I got my crystals out and smudged them tonight. For way too long, they’ve been sitting by my nightstand collecting dust. I dusted off the crystals, smudged them with white sage and now I’ve set them out overnight to sit in the moonlight. Moonlight or sunshine energizes them and will make them more effective to absorb negative energy. I’m all for having working crystals. I apparently didn’t understand all that, but now I know. Now, I need to figure out how best to use them.

I scheduled an acupuncture treatment today, and I’ve been reading a book by Tracee Dunblazier called “The Demon Slayer’s Handbook.” I went to her book signing the Friday at the suggestion of my friend Laura. With a name like “The Demon Slayer’s Handbook”, I thought the book might be a little “out there” even for me, but I wanted to be generous to another writer so I bought the book. I started reading it Saturday, and I was thrilled to see that this book is right on track with my current initiative. Demons, she explains, are not spirits but patterns of negative energy. For instance, if a person or group is stuck in a lot of anger or sadness or fear for a long period of time, the energy from those emotions form its own cluster of energy. Even when the person or group leaves or dies, that “demon” can still exist and will look for people to sort of pounce on. So a demon is basically a glob of parasitic stuck negative energy. I’m sure there’s some of that down in my dark dungeon cubicle!

Tracee offers very practical, down-to-earth advice for getting rid of negative energy – demons or just negative emotions. Of course, prayer and meditation are great demon-slaying tools. She caught me off-guard when she suggested laughter. It makes sense, but I hadn’t thought of it. When I worked at Whirlpool a long time ago in Knoxville, they knew me by my laughter. I laughed all the time. It was probably annoying at some times I laughed so much. And, I remember my nieces and nephews commenting on the fact that I laugh at everything. I actually don’t think I’ve laughed like that in at least a year … maybe longer. And I know I haven’t been laughing at work. The other day I laughed at something, and it felt really odd – almost embarrassing. Hmmmmm….. 

So, I posted a request on Facebook Monday for videos that would make them laugh out loud. I started looking for funny videos and cartoons that would give me a good belly laugh. Tracee suggests that I watch a funny video or make myself really laugh five times per day. They say children laugh an average of 300 times per day, and adults only laugh an average of 17.5. I know I haven’t even hit that mark lately. So, I’m taking my laughter medicine 5 times a day, and I’m seeing a difference in my mood. I’m happy to say that maybe I’m slaying a few demons while I’m having fun.

If you need a laugh, enjoy the below videos. My friends sent me these. I laughed out loud at all of them. And please feel free to send me your favorites! I’d love to have more.

Dog Humor

The Intelevator

Cat Shark

Talking Cats

Sunday Night Check-In: Clark Creek Natural Area


I had a great weekend full of friends, coffee and happy meals. I got together with three of my good friends – one on each day – Alisa, Laura and Mike. I spent time socializing on purpose and let cleaning my house slide once again. I suppose one day it will be clean again, but I guess I’d rather have a full Memorial Service over a clean rental property any day. Besides, there’s always tomorrow for cleaning.


I’ve been trying to get out and hike one day a week since I got back from North Carolina. There’s no sense in only doing what I love when I’m on vacation. If it gives that much back to me energy-wise, it’s worth the effort to make it happen more frequently. This morning when I got up, I didn’t really want to go. I wanted to sit on my duff, drink coffee and do some blogging. But, that little bugger Ashok ran into the kitchen and looked at me with that look on her face begging me to do something exciting today. “You want to go hiking?” I asked. She leaped into the air and started running around. “Okay,” I said. “Let me get packed and we’ll get out of here.”


It was already later than I liked, but we headed out for Clark Creek Natural Area near Pond, MS. The GPS told me it was 56 minutes from here, and we arrived at the trailhead at about 10 AM. I had been up there hiking a couple of times, but we mainly meandered around looking at waterfalls – yes, waterfalls down here – and getting lost. This time I was determined to take the Primitive Trail. The trail map said it was 6 miles, and then I’d have to hike 1.4 miles back to the parking lot.

The trail starts at a little stream and quickly heads straight up into the woods. The first waterfall was not very far from the beginning of the trail. We ran into 3 young guys that were playing around the waterfall. Ashok scared one of them on a bluff, and the kid almost dived off. He said he thought a black bear was attacking him. Ashok impressed everybody with her climbing skills, and we moved on.

It was really a beautiful place. It’s a small natural area – almost like a pocket wilderness – that is surrounded by private land. I was so surprised how much it looked like the lower Appalachians. It had more clay and no mountain laurel or rhododendrons, but the streams and boulders and waterfalls channeled Tennessee all day long. I kept having to remind myself that we only had to drive an hour to get home. I’m going to have to look up the geological history of the place. I imagine that as the Appalachians age and decay, they will one day look very much like this.


I ran into a young couple named Miguel and Esmerelda when I had stopped to contemplate my navel beside a stream bed that was particularly lovely. We chatted for awhile, and Miguel told me about getting lost up here one time. After that, we gave each other space but basically hiked along the same path the rest of the way. I waited for them at a particularly tricky place to warn them where to find the trail, and they showed me where the two hidden waterfalls were located. Ashok loved Ezzie, and she got lots of pets and snuggles along the way.

Miguel and Ezzie

Other than those two groups, I didn’t really see many people on the trail. One couple flew past me on a tricky downhill, and another family started the hike with me but split off pretty quickly. For such a busy area, the Primitive Trail was not really busy. But, it was extremely strenuous. More than once, I had to get on my knees and climb backwards down a steep embankment, and I had to lift myself up and over tree roots and boulders with my arms a couple of times. The hills were very, very steep, and there wasn’t much flat terrain at all. I am going to be sore tomorrow. It felt so good to be totally exhausted by the end of the day.


I’d like to hike this trail once a month or maybe every six weeks just to see how it changes throughout the seasons. The creek looks like it would be amazing if the water gets high in the spring. Of course, I’m not sure how I’d cross it if it was really high. When I was in Michigan, I lived really close to a lot of National Lakeshore trails, and I ran on them all the time. I got to know the trails in all seasons, and it was so fun to see how they changed throughout the year.


We saw a deer and some squirrels. That was the only wildlife we encountered. The 1.4 mile walk to the parking lot was more heavily traveled, and we saw lots of hikers on the way out. When I came out here in the summer, there were lots of families dressed in swimsuits going to swim in the waterfalls. Today we saw hikers. They were a bit more serious and a lot quieter than the squealing bunch in the summer. It was really, really nice.


Enjoy the pics, and if you’ve never been out there, put the Pond General Store in the GPS and head out. Be prepared. Wear hiking boots. It’s steep and rocky. You don’t have to do the Primitive Trail. There are plenty of other shorter trails, and someone told me today that there are 42 waterfalls in that area. Bring a picnic lunch and make a day of it. Pretend you took a short trip to the mountains. You’ll believe it by the time you are done.


I Created Something Different … Midlife Moments

Me on the beach in Hawaii in March 2012

Me on the beach in Hawaii in March 2012

Note: All the pics are from my first blogs. You can find them chronologically in the sidebar in the Monthly Archives (scroll down on your computer). You can also follow me via email from a spot in the sidebar!

I’ve been noodling how to make money from my blog. Apparently, lots of people make six figures on their blogs with topics ranging from raising urban chickens to how to live full-time in an RV. One young couple has traveled the country in an RV and paid off all of their student loans with proceeds from their blog that details how to live full-time in an RV and pay off your student loans. Other young people have made fortunes writing blogs about how to find a job you are passionate about and even personal blogs like mine.

Ashok and my Dad...Pilot and co-Pilot

Ashok and my Dad…Pilot and co-Pilot

I would love to make a fortune off writing this blog. I love doing it, and I can’t seem to stop doing it, so it would be a great fit. So, I started researching HOW people make money off them. You can sell ads, write blogs advertising products and sell links to advertiser’s websites. One weekend, I looked up all the ways to make money and started applying to get some of those dollars. In less than 24 hours, I got a note back from Google Adsense that I needed to have more text in my blog in order to run their ads. I grimaced. I’m not going to change my writing in order to put ads on my page. Then I started looking at some of these bloggers’ sites, and the ads were all over the place. They were irritating. Some had pop-ups where you couldn’t find the X to exit. Videos blared. Many were placed in the content, and I kept clicking on the ad instead of the article content.  Ugh….

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 8.30.40 PM

I write my blog for the writing. I’ve been doing this for 3 years and have posted almost 800 blogs. I am an avid blogger. Yesterday, I happened to be looking at my stats, and I noticed that I had exactly 100 email followers. Some people follow me on FaceBook, some on Twitter and some find me during a Google search. Other WordPress bloggers can subscribe to my blog in their reader. But, my most avid readers are those who get my blogs via email. They never miss a post because they receive an email in their inbox. Some of my followers have followed me for over 3 years! That means they have received every one of my almost 800 blogs in their inbox. They read it or delete it, but it’s right there in their face.

Me at 19 years old

Me at 19 years old

Since 100 followers is sort of a momentous number in my book, I sent them all an email thanking them for following my ins and outs and reading my blog. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to read about my little solitary adventure, but people are always confessing that they read my blog. I giggle a little because I can’t imagine that I’m that interesting. And maybe that’s the point. Maybe I’m pretty normal, and it’s just interesting to read about a normal person’s life. If you feel like sharing WHY you find this blog interesting, I’d love to hear about it! It’ll probably make me giggle just a little.

Hiking at Shelby Farms in Memphis

Hiking at Shelby Farms in Memphis

Anyway, I sent them an email thanking them for their loyal following. One by one I got emails back that blew me away. Some of them I know in my personal life. Others I’ve only met once. And then there was one that I’ve never even met. She is friends of an old co-worker and was having some of the same issues that I have. She told me that she was so grateful that I share about my life so that she can learn from it. Giggle, giggle…. Another reader told me that she’s started going to 12-step meetings because of my blog. Others mentioned that they love reading about my adventures with Ashok, and several mentioned the word courageous. I saved them all. I want to read them on those days after I hit send, and the silence is deafening. I’ll know that Midlife Moments is sitting in their inbox waiting for them if they need it.


When I first started writing, people would send me private messages and tell me that I was really helping them. One of my friends stood in a coffee shop with tears in her eyes and said, “You are helping people. You are helping me.” That was the reason I started this blog. If you read my first blog “You Can Create Something Different”, I put forth this intention:

For me, the past 10 years or so has been about learning to pray, learning to surrender to God’s plan for me, learning to ask for help and connecting to that little curly haired girl who was ignored and silenced by my own and others vision of what a “successful” life looked like. I want to share the work I’ve done. I also want to share with you the day to day struggles that I still battle in order to stay grounded in this life that changes every moment. I want to share resources that were helpful to me as I’ve gone through divorce, addiction recovery, financial upheaval and various other life struggles. I hope that you will find it helpful. If not, I hope you will find it funny and hopeful. If nothing else, I have learned to laugh as I move through this.

My life is nothing special. I still have issues in relationships. I’m still scared. I still feel lonely. But I’ve found that by sharing with others and being authentic I’ve developed a strength that I didn’t know I had. It’s the strength and bond of community. I’ve made new friends that I’ve never even met. I’ve rekindled relationships with old friends. I’ve deepened friendships that already existed and, yes, I’ve culled relationships that couldn’t weather the authenticity. I don’t tell you everything, but I do tell you a lot. The writing has changed my life, deepened my relationship with myself and helped me get closure on a lot of things. I would not be in Baton Rouge if I hadn’t blogged.


When I thought about cluttering up this sacred space – and it has become that for me – it seemed so inauthentic. A business asked me to blog about how I make myself warm and cozy in the fall and to link to their bedding website. They didn’t want to pay me or send me any product. I didn’t like that deal, but what I really couldn’t do was subject my readers that follow me on this intimate journey to an advertisement of something I’d never used. Would I want my readers to start questioning if this was real, or if this was something that was generating income? Maybe I could start a different blog for that purpose one day, but I don’t think I can do that to Midlife Moments. It would be like prostituting my soul for a few bucks.

Running with me in the Memphis Track Club Cross Country Series 10K

Running with me in the Memphis Track Club Cross Country Series 10K

So, I won’t be writing blogs for money here. You can always be assured that what I write is real and sometimes raw and always genuine. I promise the blog site will always be clean and adorned with my stuff. I know WordPress runs a few ads through there, but, hopefully it’s not a lot. I don’t want to ever irritate you unless I mention something that convicts you of a change you want to make in your life. I do want you to know how much this space means to me. My first words to you were “You can create something different”, and those words ended up being insanely prophetic for me.

Surrendering to the Process


Thus the whining begins.

My sister: And thus begins the long, cold descent into the black void that is winter…

Me: LOL. This is NOT winter. 

I do have on a long-sleeved shirt this morning, but I anticipate sweating when I come home at noon and maybe changing into a short-sleeved shirt. It’s 59 degrees out now. I actually wore a sweatshirt with my shorts this morning on my walk. We will get up to 80 degrees today. Do not mistake this as complaining. I am as happy as a clam… flittering like a butterfly … thanking God and Jesus and all the spirits on the other side. I am now on day 4 of not washing my hair. Life is damn good, and I am well aware of it.

I’ve been getting a lot of messages to surrender and let go… to go with the process. Let the Universe guide you and bring you what you need. For over a month, I’ve been hearing it … seeing it … feeling it everywhere. I want to make things happen. My type-A personality is a “get ‘er done” type of energy that takes the bull by the horns and deals with problems as they arise .. sometimes even before they arise. But I have a tendency toward needing to control the outcome. I need to know where things are going to make sure it happens the way it “should” happen in order to fix whatever mess I’m in. Surrender often means letting go of the outcome … quit trying so hard … R*E*L*A*X.

I was reminded the other day that surrender and letting go sometimes means something else. Sometimes we need to surrender to a process which means we have to DO something. I can easily let go of my writing career.. my non-existent one at this point. “I’ll let go, and, if the Universe wants me to write for a living, it can bring me a job!” Wow!! That was easy. I’ll go get an iced coffee and play on Facebook while the Universe finds that job and gets ready to hand it to me. I let that go! But, I’m getting corrected a bit that “letting go” and “surrendering” in this particular area may mean getting off my butt and starting to write and look for opportunities. I have to surrender to the process AND to the outcome.

When I was in the midst of my early work in recovery from codependency, I had to surrender. I had to understand I was powerless over my divorce, other people and whether or not I would ever be in a relationship again. I had to let those go. I had to RELAX and let it be. But the other surrendering I had to do was much harder. In order to stop getting into relationships that hurt me and get my life back, I had to start speaking up for myself. I had to say no when it would be so much easier to say yes in the short-term. I had do some really hard work looking at my past, writing it down, sharing it with others and making some hard changes in the way I interacted with the world. I had to really internalize that it was OKAY for people not to like or approve of me. It was NOT relaxing. But, I surrendered to the process and the outcome. THIS life that I have now was not what I anticipated, but it’s so much better than what I dreamed it would be.

There are a lot of changes going on inside of me right now. I can feel a transition happening. If I go back and look at the dates, I’ll bet I find that fall last year felt like this too. The seasons impact us. We are creatures of the earth. My sister is right in that we are now entering the free-fall to winter. That’s why they call it fall… DUH!!! And, winter, although not usually the happy, energy-filled time we’d like it to be, is necessary for spring to be an amazing rebirth of new life.

Winter is a time of reflection and cocooning. Fall is harvest time. It is the time when the leaves on the trees start to die and flutter to the ground. The natural year is coming to an end. We have a tendency to want to “get ready” during this time of year. I’ve been noodling going back to school, outlining a book, learning backpacking, and building a freelance career. I think I’m right on time, and I think I’m surrendering to the process. Now I just have to surrender to the process of driving to work. Have a great weekend!

Lions Win!!

30-27 Lions rule. That was a nail-biter, Roomie!


Lion Up.. Weekday Game and Old Times

Reporting tonight from Strawberry Stadium with my friend Gretchen.

I just choked down a Chik-fil-a boxed dinner which has my stomach rumbling in complaint. Not sure why I did that to myself. 

The Lions are behind the Cardinals at halftime 13-14 in a game that seems to be some kind of penalty-fest. It used to be that refs made calls – good or bad- and they stood. Now there’s replays, reviews and second-guessing that can change calls several times. The crowd hisses and boos with every change. It would almost seem that we should just all take a vote. 

When I was in college, I kept the official scorebook in the press box above my head. 

I never got to sit over with the students. Today’s students don’t turn out for the games. It’s sad. I would’ve given anything to be a fan in college. About this time of the night, I would’ve been passing out white bread ham sandwiches to the sportswriters in the box. There would be no visiting with friends in the stands. It would have to wait until I got to the bars afterwards. 

I look around and see my contemporaries, graying at the temples if they have any hair at all, and I remember their glory days when we were the stars of the show. Who would’ve ever thought we’d be the old farts up in the stands? A couple sitting below me went to school with me, and the husband was the amazing running back whose rushing yardage I tallied all night long. Now, they sit and play with their grandchild and support the home team. 

There’s something about being home that at once feels comforting and unnerving. We are so different than we were but we are all so much more ourselves after spending years     trying on different roles with varying measures of success.
My friend Ray who was always a talker- a self-identified social butterfly – is still a talker especially when primed with a few adult beverages.

“The cool breeze comes in reminding me of football season and the best times of my life,” Ray said when I asked what he was thinking of the evening.

It’s fall. It reminds me of Kenny’s song, and I’ll leave you with that.

Happy Hump Day: Riding the Roller Coaster

My new little sacred space

My new little sacred space

I slept so good last night. I opted out of drinking coffee yesterday. I haven’t had a problem with it lately. Ever since I’ve seriously cut back on sugar, coffee doesn’t seem to bother me. Of course, I mainly drink some in the mornings and maybe one right after lunch, but yesterday I got up and just didn’t feel like my stomach wanted to deal with coffee. It’s been a little upset lately for some reason. So, I slept really good last night.

I’ve been doing a 20-minute yoga practice every morning when I get up. I got some energy work done last week, and the Shaman (Lexlee Overton) told me to keep doing my yoga and meditation every morning. I really feel like it is helping me with the aches and pains I have when I get up in the morning. I don’t do anything strenuous, and 20 minutes isn’t that long. Ashok waits for me to finish my practice so we can take our walk. When I get back, I shower and then meditate for about 15-20 minutes. Lexlee recommended that I do a little automatic writing after meditation. I’ve been doing that, and it’s been really enlightening. I write “Show me … tell me … teach me” and then just scribe whatever pops into my head. I feel like I’m listening to Spirit. It’s awesome. I’ve also been drawing a Medicine Card just because it’s so fun playing in a sacred space like that. It certainly shifts my perspective – at least for a little while.


All of that spiritual practice has taken up some time in the morning, so I’m having to exercise at night, and it hasn’t been happening. Work has not been so much fun, and I feel drained when I come home. Last night, I texted Jessica (my former personal trainer and friend). I told her I was in an exercise rut. Amazingly, after doing that, I felt like practicing yoga, so I did. Then, tonight I came home and did some strength-training. Maybe I just needed to admit I was in a rut in order to create some momentum.


Some inspiration from Facebook

After my 11-mile long run a week and a half ago, I have not been motivated to run. In fact, last weekend, I sort of half decided that I’m not going to run the race. I hate to do that because I’ve already been training so long and doing so well, but I’m just really tired of running those long runs in this heat by myself. When I was in Memphis, my running was social, but I just haven’t met enough people who run my pace to make running a social event. I’m just sick of it. And the thought of going to that race by myself and running it by myself just doesn’t sound fun at the moment. I may change my mind. I have time to have a little tantrum and recoup, but, right now, I’m not feeling it.

I’ve been feeling off-kilter for a week or so. One minute I’m feeling good. The next minute I feel like jumping off a cliff. Good thing there aren’t any cliffs here. Then I get sick to my stomach because I feel so bad emotionally. I meditate or do yoga … then I feel better. It just feels like I’m on a roller coaster of feelings, and I’m not eating sugar. I’m just really trying to keep eating right, moving, doing the next right thing until I can get out of this mood spell. This, too, shall pass … right?

Lexlee’s Grounding Meditation – A Lifesaver

And it’s STILL HOT!!!! Today it was 90 degrees. Tomorrow is October. Actually, tomorrow is October 1 – International Coffee Day!!! I know this weather is normal. My sister mentioned today that it was easier to exercise in the summer. “It isn’t summer?” I asked incredulously. She meant summer vacation because she’s one of those teachers who doesn’t work during the summer, but I have no memory of what being off in the summer was ever like. Anyway, I’m sick of the air conditioning. I’m sick of sitting to meditate and sweat pouring down the side of my face. I’m sick of hot flashes. I’m sick of wearing summer clothes. I’m sick of painting my toes. It’s fall!!! Let’s get on with it.

I think I’ll go to bed and read. Last night, I took an issue of Backpacker magazine to bed. My backpacking class starts next week. I can’t wait. I read a story about a woman who went hiking behind her house with her two dogs, and two baby grizzly cubs came running across the path. Momma Bear freaked out, killed one of her dogs and attacked her. He bit her in the head 3 times, sliced open her stomach with her claws, tore her ear off and literally ripped out the muscles of her shoulder. I’m glad the worse thing I have to worry about is getting run over by a car. She lived, but geez… that’s a bad day. She still gets out and hikes. Maybe I’ll read something a little more uplifting tonight.

I looked at Ashok when I put my magazine down before sleeping last night and asked her if she would protect me from a grizzly if one attacked me. She looked at me like I was crazy. I guess not, then. I’d better learn to use bear spray if I’m out in grizzly territory. Looks like I’m on my own.

A Dating App for Women.

And on another note….

Source: A Dating App for Women.

Following Jesus is a journey. It’s different for everyone. And the end result might surprise you

I sat down to write this morning and couldn’t decide what to write. When I saw this, I realized that someone had already done it for me. My thoughts exactly, Chris. Thank you.

Faith is a journey. You might not always end up where you think. In fact, my journey is taking me to places far beyond the box of religion I grew up in. From believing theology I was taught in chur…

Source: Following Jesus is a journey. It’s different for everyone. And the end result might surprise you