Skinny Dipping or Swimming in the Sunshine


I don’t remember skinny dipping when I was young. All we had was the Amite River and Thunderbird Beach and neither was really clean enough or private enough to get nekkid, and, yes it’s nekkid. Naked is way too formal to be associated with an activity as lighthearted and fun as skinny dipping.

My second husband was my first skinny dipping partner. We were spending time at a rustic cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. There was a lake out front, and there was nobody but us there. We took this little boat out on the water, and he wanted to go skinny dipping. I was a little nervous, but eventually I said, what the hell! It was awesome. I felt so free and like a kid again. It wasn’t just the coolness of the water against my skin, but it was also the rebelliousness of it all.

I’ve also skinny dipped when I’ve been out hiking and it’s really hot. I was hiking the Honey Creek trail in the Big South Fork Recreation Area a few years back, and it was brutally hot. That trail is really physically challenging so I was really tired. My ex and I walked up on this small pool, probably no larger than a large jacuzzi. I just said, “I’m going in,” and I stripped off and jumped in. It was freezing. It was similar to the ice baths I take to recover from log runs. I couldn’t stand to stay in it long, but I was totally revived afterwards.

I took my friend Elizabeth skinny dipping this weekend in Sylamore Creek. It was her first time. Now, it takes some courage to to strip down in front of somebody that you actually don’t see nekkid on a regular basis. Interestingly, we had a long conversation the night before about body image, and this seemed to be an appropriate way to validate that talk, at least for me.

It was absolutely beautiful out, it was in the morning, the temperature was perfect for swimming, and the water was perfectly cool. I had already jumped in earlier that morning with my dog when we were hiking, so I was getting a double dip. Pun intended.

There’s just something fun about sliding around in the water in your birthday suit, especially when you are in a beautiful place with somebody you love and you can be yourself. It’s really not about being nekkid at all other than the fact that you are. For me, it’s a about experiencing a feeling of being a child again and being naughty all at the same time.

I hope you’ll take an opportunity to try skinny dipping if you get to a place where your heart says, “let’s jump in.” It’s not just for the young. It’s for the young at heart, too. šŸ˜‰

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