Open Your Heart


I’m a big fan of Melody Beattie’s books and work on codependency. Her work really speaks to me. Today’s reading in her book, Journey to the Heart, was on opening your heart.

Part of my reason for starting this blog was my need to practice being vulnerable and letting the world see the good and bad, as I see it in myself. To be sure, my writing is definitely censored to some extent, but I’m trying to lay myself open because I hope to grow from it, and I hope to inspire others to be themselves.

A great deal of my life has been about being whoever or whatever the proverbial “you” wants me to be. I’ve been chasing the “shoulds”. It has left me empty, and it’s frankly lonely in a fortress. So, I want to try something different. It may not be the answer…maybe writing about my life on the Internet is a little weird, but I’m willing to give it a try. I know I’ll learn something from it, and I’m no longer afraid of the experiences of my life. I’ve managed to survive and often thrive despite adverse events and chilling consequences.

Another person that has inspired me to open myself up is Brene Brown. She is a Shame Researcher. What a job! Her video on The Power of Vulnerability is profound. I have really found, through practice, that vulnerability is strength. And, my being vulnerable and real allows others to be strong and courageous as well. And, to be honest, relationships are just so much more fun when people are getting real with each other. Why would I want to play with someone behind a mask? I know you have demons and shortcomings and fears just like I do. Let’s not dance around it. We only go around once in this life. Do you really want to miss being truly known? I don’t. I’m jumping in. If you think I’m nuts, you may be right. Who cares?

7 Comments on “Open Your Heart

  1. While reading several of your blogs this a.m. (I’m catching up), I had the thought that something awesome is going to happen for you as a result of this blog. Not sure what…..but something. And, I don’t think you are nuts. I think you are brave and also a great writer! Love the picture!

  2. It’s nuts like us that make the world go ’round.

  3. Love Brene Brown. Have you read Debbie Ford’s The Dark Side of the Light Chasers? It’s about embracing our “shadow self,” Carl Jung’s term for the parts of ourselves that we hate. Your comments reminded me of it. I’m just getting started with it.

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