Girl Talk: For the Love, Love, Love of Shoes

Elizabeth and I at my 50th Birthday Party…I remember the shoes I was wearing…I’m sure she does, too.

“Shoes always make me feel sexy, and they never make me look fat,” said my friend Elizabeth when I asked her what she loves about shoes. Wow! That is so totally true! How can a girl not love a great pair of shoes?

Elizabeth’s red flats – Practical but never, NEVER dull
My favorites of 2012!! Comfortable, too…

I’m on the hunt for some new shoes right now. I’m not very excited about it because I need to get some with lower heels. I am doing quite a bit of facilitating in my work, and my freaking shoes are killing me. In my younger days, I would’ve sucked it up because, in the words of my Momma, “You have to suffer to be beautiful.” and, frankly, I love a shoe with a high heel. I am short and flats make me feel like a stump. That’s not the feeling I’m after.

I am a WOMAN, and, therefore, I love shoes. Its like loving oxygen. I know there are some women that are not that into them, but I suspect they are repressed in some way. I mean, how can you not love a great pair of shoes?! I bought the greatest pair of melon wedges this year that I have worn to death. They are literally starting to come apart at the seams, and I am already grieving the loss. They just look and feel like a million bucks, and they go with everything. Boy, have I loved those shoes!

My collection of winter boots minus my cowboy boots…I’d better find them soon!

Shoes are not about looking good, although that’s the trigger. Having a great pair of shoes is about tapping into your inner woman, strutting your stuff and kicking ass. And, like Elizabeth said, there’s no woman that can’t rock a great pair of shoes. It’s the great pair of shoes that I grab when I’m just not having a good “Sharon” day that makes all the difference. I never know when I buy a pair of shoes if they will be “it”. Sometimes I buy a cool pair from the store, and when I wear them, they just don’t say what I want them to say. That’s the ones that sit in my closet and die a quiet, lonely death. But, when I find a pair that make me look in the mirror and say, “girl, you got it going on”, I fall in love with shoes all over again. They are worth their weight in gold.

Elizabeth, honey…has your Mama seen these??
Elizabeth’s Eelskin boots: Haute coutrue, baby! And she deserves to rock those.

This week the weather turned cooler, and the first thing I thought about was what shoes I have to welcome the cooler weather. Although it’s not quite boot weather yet, my head is certainly turning in that direction. Sooner or later, I will be on a quest for this season’s “knock my socks off” pair of boots. I can usually find a reasonably priced great pair at Marshall’s, but sometimes I find that pair that just calls my name and seduces me into dropping a few hundred bucks just for the sheer, sexy joy of walking around in them. That’s when shoes are fun: when just putting your toesies in makes you feel like the sexiest thing on the planet.

These were called “toe sucking good”….enough said
My fall favorites…clunky but funky, too. And, so comfortable.

Guys just don’t get the shoe thing. I can’t tell you how many times I have sneaked new shoes into the house and hid them from an unsuspecting spouse. Later, he’ll say, “When did you get those?” “Oh, I’ve had these,” I honestly declare. I lovingly call it the shoe sale. In dating these last few years, I have discovered that a lot of men have a foot fetish. Those little white wedges I have with the bows on top: “Whoo…that makes me want to suck your toes!” commented one guy. Enough said…love those shoes.

Elizabeth’s best friends for three seasons…love the wear and tear!

The one pair of shoes I don’t like to buy are running shoes. Dropping $100-$120 on a pair of ugly, functional, and “made to get dirty” shoes is just boring. I don’t even look at them. They are sort of like buying air conditioner filters. It’s necessary but a big waste of money in my book. One of my favorite pairs of functional shoes are my Chaco’s. They are two years old and still going strong. They took me to the beach in Hawaii, kayaking on the Wolf River and hiking in Arkansas. They are the most versatile pair of shoes I own. Love…love…love my Chaco’s.

My Chaco’s…going strong after two years of outdoor living

I wear skirts a lot. In fact, other than jeans, I only own one pair of dress slacks. I just love the look and feel of dresses and skirts. And, I’m sure part of my skirt fetish is way they showcase shoes. You just can’t miss them, and a great pair of shoes will make the plainest dress look sensational.

So, ladies, it’s that time of year. Get out those old pair of boots, dust them off and start kicking up those heels. Or, if you’ve got the money go get that one pair that makes you feel drop dead gorgeous. It’s yours for the asking. I had a saying hanging up in my office, “your boots may be made for walking, but mine are made to kick your ass.” It’s the spirit of the shoe that’ll steal your heart. Enjoy!!! See you at the shoe store….

8 Comments on “Girl Talk: For the Love, Love, Love of Shoes

  1. OMG! I just love, love, love shoes! It makes the outfit everytime! Haha! I can’t tell you how many times I told my husband; “what? These old things!” But he knows!
    Sandals are definitely my faves and these days, sensible shoes are winning out more than any others. 😦

  2. Im gonna have to take a day to get over that running shoe comment….especially since I work at a running shoe store now! The other day at work part of my training was trying on all the styles in my size – I was in heaven!

  3. Woww what a lovely toes…also i like the veins on your feet 😉

    regards Renzo

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