Girl Talk: Candy Kisses

“Women look like giant pieces of candy walking around.” a guy friend of mine said.

I laughed….because I always laugh at something out of the ordinary. He followed up with something about how most women might take offense at that. Well, he’s probably right, but I really think he has a point. What is candy anyway? Sweet, sugary, colorful, tasty, addictive, hard to resist and often wrapped up in colorful, enticing wrappings? It’s really about having fun, isn’t it and giving in to your desires. No wonder a man might think that about women.

I think that pretty perfectly describes us. To be sure, we’re deeper than all that, but he did say “looks like”. He didn’t say we were. I have to think of our obsession with clothing and accessories. To hear us howl with delight when we find that special item that just totally fits our personality. I have this little black and white ruffled skirt that I saw at Macy’s last spring, and I just had to have it. It was so “me”. I love that skirt. It’s just the rock in my roll! And, it’s not about the skirt, it’s about dressing to show myself off, to express myself, to “sell” what’s inside me, right? I certainly wouldn’t get that excited about a new pair of cargo pants even though that expresses the outdoor part of myself, but it just doesn’t have the same magic as selling my feminine spirit, my “sweetness”, that flirty attitude. I’m thinking it expresses the same sort of feeling as Starburst candy. Tangy, flirty, colorful, zingy, irresistible fun….Hmmmmm…..

What about chocolate? What’s not to love about chocolate? It’s creamy, dark and decadent. It’s the feeling of chocolate on my tongue that I love, though. OMG…it’s sweet, it’s rich, and the taste of it sends me into another dimension. It’s sexy in a whole different way than the tarty ping of Starburst candy. I think of my deep brown wrap top that I got off That top paired with some Levi’s, the bronzey necklace I bought at a yoga retreat and a smoking hot pair of boots, maybe my new cowboy boots, certainly says I’m a piece of chocolate.

I love walking into those candy stores with barrels and barrels of old-fashioned candy sitting around. It’s colorful, and it’s fun, and you can pick out a little of this and a little of that. Don’t you think that’s what a guy feels like when he’s in a night club and there’s all these women dressed up in their “evening out” costumes? That’s the great thing about bars and dancing. You get to sample each other, having fun, making the rounds and dancing without having to buy. It’s simply a big candy store.


Paula in Officer and a Gentleman told Zach, “I dare you not to fall in love with me. I mean, how can you resist? I’m like candy.” He assured her: “You’re better than candy.” She replied: “It’s going to be very hard to get enough. Very hard. Very hard.” And, I believe she was right, if I remember how that movie ended accurately.

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