Writing on Walls in Dallas

I visited the City of Dallas homepage to find out about the city I’m visiting right now. Surely there is something interesting going on here that would be worth a blog. The first thing on their page is “5 Tips to Fight Mosquito Bites.” Being from Louisiana, I don’t really find that interesting. That’s all we ever did was fight mosquitoes. They have a Graffiti Arts Project here that did catch my attention.

The mission of the Graffiti Arts Project (sponsored by the Dallas Police Department) is:

Seeks to provide graffiti artists an alternative to tagging and to redirect their creative energy in socially acceptable ways and earn public acceptance of their talent. Central to this project is creation of a series of public free walls and semi-permanent public art locations. In return the city gets pledges from all participants not to continue to tag elsewhere and, ideally, less illegal graffiti and to use their influence within their community to enhance the community’s appearance.

Apparently, it was getting to the point that graffiti was making Dallas look more dangerous than it was, and the DPD had a team of people who were constantly covering up graffiti as their full time job. It was becoming problematic to keep up with it. Attorney John Barr, who was dubbed the Graffiti Czar, had a soft spot in his heart for graffiti artists and had the below chat with London street artist Ben Eine.

Interview with Ben Eine

The project was launched in May at the Trinity Winds Festival. City officials launched it by painting their own graffiti on some designated columns. Graffiti artists now have legal places where they can paint graffiti in the city. I thought this was pretty cool. Maybe I’ll check some out while I’m here. Meanwhile, view these photos found on the web.

Enjoy this slideshow of Dallas “Legal” Graffiti.

For more on this story, click here.

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