Mid-week Inspiration: Struggling with Food

I love it when I find out that some person that is “my hero” doesn’t do it perfectly either. I was reading my new issue of Runner’s World this morning, and the editor of the magazine – the magazine of all things running – confessed to a bunch of beginner mistakes that screwed up his time in his last triathlon. He titled the column “I, Bonehead.”

My favorite is a real hot fudge sundae…

I’m struggling with my diet. That seems to be a lifelong struggle for me. I’m not talking about “diet” as in “losing weight” diet. I’m talking about eating healthfully. I have finally come to the realization if I eat healthfully, I will be at my normal weight, whatever that is. I love sweets, and I love eating out. And, sometimes, I really like fried food. Yesterday, I had an awesome fried oyster po-boy along with some sweet potato fries. They were delicious, but, yes, VERY fried. I felt like a slug all afternoon. And, after a weekend of eating too much, I felt inspired again to start looking at my eating habits.

I made an appointment to see my acupuncturist last night. She’s an expert in healthy eating. Chinese medicine is all about prevention and keeping your body in proper working order to prevent disease and poor health. I recommend her to all my friends. I never know when they get an appointment, but I always find out when they are done. The inevitable Facebook post is something like this: “I’m giving up alcohol, coffee, sugar and wheat. I need your support.” I always comment, “Looks like you’ve seen Marlene.” I got the same spiel when I first saw her, but I was always a problem child. I hate giving up my food. But, I felt motivated yesterday because of the way I felt.

The best ever coconut soup

I saw Marlene for years before we met for coffee outside a treatment room. We met at Starbucks one night. I was wondering how she was going to eat on her plan there. She comes out with a cup of decaf coffee and a piece of coffeecake. What??? Wheat, coffee and sugar? You mean, she’s not perfect either? It’s my black and white thinking that always trips me up. I think I have to be all or none. I have to do it perfectly or it doesn’t count.

She gave me some Guidelines for Eating Well. They are fairly sane.

  • Eat a variety of foods
  • Eat organic when possible
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Eat only healthy oils
  • Broil, bake or lightly steam your food
  • Eat 50% raw fruits and vegetables
  • Don’t eat anything white
  • Eat like a King in the morning, a Queen at lunch and a Pauper at dinner.
  • Chew your food
  • Drink 1 to 2 liters of fresh clean spring water every day
  • Trust your body
  • Love yourself

I know I’m going to struggle with some of these. How do I give up sugar? How do I give up buttered toast and jam? I can’t afford organic all the time. I love eating out to socialize. She also told me to limit caffeine to once a day in the morning. Ugh……. The biggest challenge is the last one.

“Love yourself….You are special and unique. There is no one else on this earth exactly like you. Love you for exactly who you are….beautiful, smart, confident.”

I believe that’s the most important one. If I do that, then how can I help but to feed myself those things that are life-giving and energy promoting? And, if I make a choice to have fun with food and deviate from these guidelines, I can easily forgive myself for not being perfect because there will be nothing to forgive. Part of being my wonderful self is making peace with imperfection. I hope it’s possible. I hope I can do that perfectly. πŸ˜‰


10 Comments on “Mid-week Inspiration: Struggling with Food

  1. . I hope you take the time to really research current “healthy” diets. You never know what anyone means when they say “healthy”. We sure know that sugar is not healthy. Do you know that each and every carbohydrate you consume (other than pure fibers) is sugar to your body? Do you know whole wheat raises blood sugar more than sugar itself? oats are the same. Sugar=insulin=fat. All my life -60 years- I believed the same thing-that fruit, grains and such were healthy. Two years ago I did a 360 on my belief of “healthy diet”. Take the time to explore outside the mainstream where the real action is.
    “healthy” fats are not the “vegetable” oils you are likely eating. They are actually the “forbidden” saturated fat that have received such bad press. Visit Dr Davis’ Wheat Belly FB page to see the wonder of people there sharing their stories and testimonials..Become a true advocate for true health!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wheat-Belly/209766919069873 You will never be hungry again and you will feel great. This is not a fad or a sales pitch.
    Wishing you true health. jo

  2. sorry I did not mean that to come off like a lecture. It kinda sounds like it. Aplogies. I am a huge advocate for grain free low carb way of eating. It is heaven.

  3. Sharon Came across this link and thought you may find it of interest and useful. http://primalnorth.blogspot.ca/p/primal-running.html

    @Theresa..I was a “white” lover too specially the bread whites. I have been low carb almost 2 years and grain free for 6 months. You can eat cream cheese and most other high fat cheeses and good greek high fat yogurts ( all white πŸ™‚ ) and coconut products (white) and leave the hunger and cravngs behind forever and feel WONDERFUL and full of NEW life. I encourage everyone looking for health to give a grain free diet a trial of at least 3 weeks. If I can do it-anyone can.

  4. Sharon, My mistake was not understanding the addictive opiate like properties of wheat when I first went low carb. I was more focused on the carbs as carbs and the GI index to keep blood sugar low. I still had the belief that “whole grains” were “healthy”. I did not eat them and gave up all the white foods-sugar, flour, potatoes, rice etc.. That is where I started. At the time my hands and feet ached horribly. So much it kept me awake at night and when I got up I could not believe the ache in my feet. Within 2 weeks I suddenly noticed my aches (and stiffness) had vanished.
    In April of this year a friend asked me how my low carb was going. I mentioned to her about my vanishing aches and that my brain fog had also disappeared only to come back when I added bread foods again. (My addiction was always bread and pastris etc. so I thought “just a little” would be okay. Not so..a bit more an a bit more.) After a couple of weeks..another diet restart. She told me about Wheat Belly and a summary of it and I checked out th blog and FB page and THEN I understood why it was so hard to not give up breads etc.. I went through my cupboards and removed all references to wheat ( I did not have many as I do not use many prepared foods other than mayo, mustard and Renes Mighty Ceasar dressing πŸ™‚ but I did have some soy sauce and a bit of pasta Out it went. Any time I had a craving I ate something fatty..like good full fat Greek yogurt, coconut milk or coconut oil . I did not miss grains but I missed the “texture” of bread . a Muffin in a Minute nicely looks after that. It is a flax meal muffin that takes but a minute to make. At first I continued to “go through” the bakery section of the grocery store. Now I barely remember it is there, although the cheese section is nearby. If I want something crunchy I buy Mary’s Gone Crackers. They do have grain but no wheat and the amount eaten is extremey low% relative to total diet.
    I did not miss giving up grains-although I thought I would. The tricky part is adapting to low carb/ketogenic-not so much grain free. Some people do experience some sorts of short term withdrawal. It is an individual thing. You can tons and tons of veg and salad and meats, fish etc.. It is nowhere near a go hungry way of eating.
    It took me 1.5 years to get here only because I did not know about how addictive and harmful wheat is..and had always believed myself to be a “health advocate” and knowledgeable about “health”. I sure did a 360.

  5. Hi Sharon – catching up! Your personal trainer struggles too – maybe there should be a post coming up on my page about that. I try hard to remember to eat when I’m hungry and to eat with enthusiasm. I sort of keep an eye on calories only because I learned from a therapist that I was underfeeding myself for a long time so I work hard to keep it above a certain number (rather than below) and try to remember that I am feeding a machine that I want to keep finely tuned to the active life I want. And for the love of god I’m trying to learn to enjoy cooking!

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