Living: Finding my Music

My favorite…Tim McGraw

This series is about finding those things that make you who are. It’s about making life better. What makes your heart sing? What touches your soul? I’ve discovered in midlife (I hate to say it, but I’m dangerously close to the senior citizen category. I don’t know how I’ll ever let those words cross my lips.) that it’s the little things that really touch me. My morning drink, whatever it is, is a hugely important part of my day. When I travel, I bring all my materials to make it just right, just the way I like it. Somehow, if I get that right, the day just goes better. Some days, though, just don’t start off well. I’m a little off. I’m down. I’m angry. I just don’t feel well. The cure for me, for what ails me, is country music.

When I caught up with my college friend last weekend in Houston who hadn’t seen me in 30 years, he said, “You’re still country.” Ha…yes, I am. You can’t take the country out of the girl, we all know that. I never listened to country music in high school. I was a rocker. I was a wimpy rocker, but I was a rocker. I loved Bob Seger, Styx, and Chicago. My first husband was a country music fan. I was immediately hooked. I love the whining sound of that steel guitar. As soon as it starts, it just grabs my heart, and I’m off on an interplanetary journey. Life just melts around me, and I’m alone with that “lonesome sound.” And, of course, the lyrics in country music speak to me. Country music is all about the simple things like love, death, crushes, drinking, Sunday afternoons….it just goes on and on. Someone will say, “Have you heard that song by _______.” I always answer, “Unless they play it on a country music station, I haven’t heard it.” My dial never moves.

I have two favorite FAVORITE songs. There are so many that I love to hear, but, with these two, I can’t get enough. I keep hitting the replay button over and over just to sing these songs ……feel them in my soul….stir up my energy. The first is Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter. I wish I knew what happened to her. She had some great songs. But, Strawberry Wine has that great sound that just grabs me and wipes out the rest of the world for a moment or two.  And, of course, the lyrics are about a first love. How can we all not melt into that memory? Those first feelings of love are the purist, the deepest, the strongest. They are mind-blowing. Everything else in the world is blocked out.  There is no fear or reality because you don’t know yet how bad it will hurt. Only love.

Another song I love is Tim McGraw’s Better Than I Used to Be. I love Tim McGraw…period. He’s on the front cover of my dream book. He’s hot, yes, but there’s something about a man that’s fit, can touch my heart and wears a cowboy hat. OMG….make me spin. He also has a past. I don’t know exactly what it looked like, but he has admitted to some drinking problems. So do I. This song really talks about growing and getting better but not being perfect. I love hearing those words from a man’s voice. It’s very healing and comforting to me. Vulnerable.…now, that’s sexy.

Find that music that touches you. Turn it up loud. Dance and sing to it. Let it change your energy. Let it change your day. And then play it all over again and again. See if it takes you deeper…and deeper still…to something you can’t touch. That’s living.

One thought on “Living: Finding my Music

  1. Oh yea, we’re going to the dancehall when you get here. You’ll feel like you found your mothership (exactly how I felt last night). And it will make you spin, literally and figuratively 🙂

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