When in Phoenix…..

True Food Kitchen

The last time I was in Phoenix I got married. I won’t be doing that this time. I’m here for work. I’m training some managers from FedEx Services on Hiring and Selection. I’ve just started a tour of training dates on some material I wrote between April and June. It’s fun. I’m meeting a lot of new people in my company and touring quite a few locations. I’m getting back into a traveling mode that I’ve not experienced in about 10 years. The first trip was a mess. I lost my iPad. It makes me sick, but I’ll just have to live with it. And, the whole routine of flying, picking up rental cars and navigating new cities felt a little rusty for me. Now, I’m feeling more at home with it. Just about the time I get used to it, my acupuncturist has convinced me to eat healthier. 

Jason Ouano, the Manager and one of his staff

I have a couple friends who are also on this eating healthy journey. One of them works with me. I texted Lisa and asked her if she was familiar with healthy eating restaurants in Phoenix. She wasn’t, but she got a referral for a place called True Food Kitchen. I looked it up, and it’s a restaurant based on Dr. Andrew Weil’s diet for anti-inflammatory foods. Bingo! That’s exactly what I needed. So, off I go to True Food Kitchen. It’s part of a chain of restaurants under the name of Fox Restaurant Concepts. The company has several different restaurants. Each restaurant has a different theme.  All of the foods there are either created by Dr. Weil or approved by him. In addition, the kitchen is certified Green.

My waiter, Allen

The Seasonal Soda – Fruity and Sweet, very refreshing

I started off with their Seasonal Soda which was “to die for”. It was a delicious, refreshing drink made with grapefruit juice, a cinnamon-infused vanilla syrup sweetened with agave nectar and a little bit of soda water. It was phenomenal. With that, I ordered the Autumn Ingredient Salad which was a lovely combination of roasted winter squash, brussels sprouts, mulberries, pomegranate, and roasted cauliflower. It also had some white beans for protein. It had a very light dressing, so it was mainly the sweet natural flavor of the roasted vegetables that I tasted. I definitely will make this one at home. I could have made a meal of that.

Autumn Ingredient Salad – Delicious!

I chose the Turkey Bolognese for my entree on the recommendation of my waiter Allen. He said the wheat – free egg noodles were made there in the restaurant. The noodles were chewy and hearty, and the sauce was unbelievably light and savory with carrots, a perfect amount of ground turkey and fresh tomato sauce. It was topped with some freshly grated parmesan cheese. Yes, Lisa, I know I’m not supposed to have dairy…….

Turkey Bolognese

Of course, I had to try dessert in a healthy place such as this. What does a really healthy anti-inflammatory dessert look like. Well, it looks like a decadent brownie with ice cream but that’s not what it is. It’s a slightly sweetened flourless chocolate cake with homemade ice cream topped with a homemade caramel sauce. It was not very sweet at all. The flavors of the chocolate and caramel added the touch of sweetness that made it delicious and chocolatey and the perfect ending for a great meal. I had enough Turkey Bolognese to bring home for dinner tomorrow night if I so choose. However, I think I might be back at the True Food Kitchen again tomorrow. It’s worth a repeat.

Coffee and Dessert

After I ate, I needed to get some eyeshadow, so I stopped into the local Origins shop at the same shopping center, the Biltmore Fashion Park. It’s a high end outdoor mall with great ambience. I met Irena and Diana who were having a bit of a slow Monday night. They helped me with my eyeshadows, and then we got to talking about acupuncture and depression. Of course, I mentioned this great blog they should check out to find out more about it. 🙂

Irena is part Lithuanian and part Polish, and she offered to give me a mini-facial in her beautiful mixed accent. I couldn’t resist that! To keep with our Dr. Weil theme, we decided to do my facial with their Dr. Weil endorsed products. So, I settled in and  got pampered for awhile while we chatted and laughed about the way she said burgers, pronounced like boogers. Apparently, the Fox Restaurants have one that specializes in “boogers”, and I certainly don’t think I want to try that. She also gave me a great education on the Origins products, and I left feeling pretty.

Irena and Diana from Origins…had a blast with these two

To top off the night, I decided to get a manicure since one of my nails was broken. On Irena’s recommendation, I walked into the Red Door Salon (Elizabeth Arden) and got a wonderful manicure from a lovely young woman named Miranda. Miranda has the best coloring I have ever seen. She is absolutely stunning and has the personality to match. She has an affinity for Southerners, and we had a great conversation about our lives, dating and all kinds of stuff….girl talk, you know. She was a lot of fun.

Miranda, my Manicurist

I had a great evening at the Biltmore Fashion Park. I spent too much money. I always buy too much when I go into cosmetic stores, but I had a few laughs and connected with some new people and fabulous women who have definitely added some color to my life. I hope they went home with a smile, too. And, this time, I don’t think I’ll need to get married to enjoy Phoenix. I’ll just fraternize with the locals and take in what Phoenix has to offer.

2 thoughts on “When in Phoenix…..

  1. How fantastic Sharon!!! The meal loomed amazing!!!! We need a dr well restaurant here!!! And I am pretty sure Parmesan cheese isn’t horrible! The ice cream… More of a cheat. Hahaha. What a lovely evening! Beats my dinner in Dallas experience FO SHO!!! Let’s just say I didn’t get it when I saw the name Twin Peaks! Lol. Safe travels and keep up the great job on your health journey!

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