When God Shows Up, He Shows Out

My original caption on this pic read,”
Crystal (I didn’t remember the “i” instead of “y”)… my fav college roommate…so sweet.

There are times in my life when I feel like I’m living in some kind of fairy tale. This is one of those times. I am absolutely spinning from a fabulous weekend at my college homecoming where I reconnected with people I hadn’t seen in 30 years. It was really fun, and I found out I missed them even though I didn’t know I did. Anytime I laugh a lot, I feel literally high. And, I like feeling high!

A few months ago, I got nostalgic and started going through some old pictures and posted several on Facebook. In them, there were pictures of two women I lived with at college. I was best friends with a woman named Tara, and we lived in the same suite in Lee Hall, which no longer exists. I absolutely loved her. Her penchant for responsibility and doing what she was supposed to do was a great contrast for my out of control, crazy personality. One semester, she gets her cousin to come live with us in the suite because she was starting college.

When I think about it now, I’m sure somewhere there was a thought that Tara could keep an eye on her. But, I can tell you, putting Cristal in the room with me was not “keeping an eye on her.” I was a work hard, play hard party girl. I also had three jobs and kept a 4.0 average, but it was not because I was responsible and studied. Cristal and I just hit it off. I had a buddy. I had somebody that, if I remember correctly, was game for anything I could dish out.

Either Tara or Cristal took this pic. We stayed in a fabulous guest house at my aunt’s in Florida for Spring Break in college. I went one spring with Tara and another spring with Cristal. The one with Cristal was definitely the wilder trip. 🙂

I so wanted to find these women, and I had tried over the years to look for them. I couldn’t remember their last names to save my life. So, when I posted the pics, I hoped that somebody would recognize them and point me in their direction. I had no such luck. I posted a blog yesterday in remembrance of this weekend’s Homecoming festivities. Last night, I get this Facebook note from one of the guys on the football team, but it wasn’t from him. It was from his wife.

I cannot believe that I stood within 5 feet of my freshman year roommate and did not recognize her. Once I read the article with my husband, Charles, this morning, I realized who that cute little lady with the hat was……….We shared a dorm room at Lee Hall during my freshman year at Southeastern. I have often wondered where in the world you were and am so glad to finally find out that you are doing well in Tennessee. I surely hope you remember me because I would love to catch up and stay in touch. You were so much fun to have as a roommate and I will never forget the great times we shared together.


This was me and Tara at college. When I posted this pic, I wrote as the caption…I wish I could find her.

Are you freaking kidding me? Remember you? She immediately called when I sent her my cell phone number, and we talked for about an hour over the phone. Turns out she thought I was a lot of fun and didn’t think I was such a bad influence on her. That’s how I remember it, and I always felt a little guilty when I would think of her. We reminisced about a trip we made to Florida and some of our college crushes. And, I got Tara’s number to boot. We’ve made plans to see each other again SOON.

A friend of mine at work gave me a card one day after I had melted down in her office about the state of my love life. Somedays having two failed marriages just gets to me, and she caught the brunt of it. The card had a lovely poem about God and his unending love, but the phrase I really remember is, “When God shows up, He shows out.” I’m in one of those times right now when God is showing out. A huge puzzle piece of my life that I had lost has now been found. And, I’m finding out that when I’m ready, what I really need will appear magically. God’s got this…..I just need to enjoy the ride.

12 Comments on “When God Shows Up, He Shows Out

  1. OMG how terrible am I to see one thing stick out that I relate to “I like feeling high.” LOL Maybe it’s OK to like feeling good from endorphins without the hangover from other chemicals. ; )
    Thank God I can also relate to God showing up and showing out. God always does this just when I need it, not if I feel pain but when I feel pain. Sometime I just have to let things unfold before me, and try not to control them. It’s very difficult for me to get over a damaged spirit in my time. My challenge seems to be getting over things in God’s time, which I’ve found to be more healthy in the long run.
    Thanks for sharing God today. Keith

    • When I wrote that about being high, I almost changed it. Then, I thought…no, I stand by that. I love endorphins, and I love to laugh. It’s better than any chemical high I’ve ever had and it lasts for days with no downside. I’ve found that God gives me things that are so much better than I could ever even think of for myself. If I just shot for a wish list of what I want, I’d be selling myself short. He has a vision for me that is so much bigger and fantastic than I could ever imagine.

      • I like what Keith said about getting over things in God’s time. We’re such impatient creatures.

  2. Love it! Love it!
    You really are shining! I am so excited for you!
    As always,
    Your fave fan, Irene

  3. Love the column. You now have me wondering where my first roommate from college is. She was from Indy and her name was Barb but I can’t remember her last name for the life of me. And, I have no pictures 🙂

  4. Great column! I can totally relate to wanting to find people from the past. At some point in my life, I felt the need to find some of my childhood friend’s. Thankfully, I was successful in finding a few.

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