Hanging in Harrison AR

Out Running in the Fall Air in Harrison
Fall colors just before sunset…..I wish I could capture it.

I love hanging out in small towns. Usually, the hangouts and best places are limited, so everybody recommends the same ones. I’m working in Harrison AR this week. My company, FedEx, has a location there that’s pretty large for the size of the town. FedEx Freight purchased American Freightways in 2001. The customer base is comprised of those customers who need to ship “less than a truckload.”

Jackie…channelling the President
A stray cat that said hi and quickly darted away
An old theatre in the town square

Harrison has approximately 13,000 residents and is located about 30 miles south of Branson MO. The Boone County Regional airport services the area. I flew in on a 10-seater airplane run by Seaport Airlines. It was quite an experience. Everybody on the plane worked at FedEx, so we had a great time talking and cutting up at 7:30 in the morning. Jackie, one of my co-workers, had never flown on a plane this small before. Neither had I. She boarded the plane and told the pilot, “I’ve never been on a plane like this before.” The pilot said, “Neither have I.” We were rolling at that.

The flight crew was a young man (about 20) who was also the co-pilot. You could use cell phones on the plane, and there was a more relaxed atmosphere. When we de-planed, Jackie wanted to have her picture taken like the President leaving Air Force One. So, I obliged. It was fun.

The country Harrison Airport

The real issue I have with Harrison is there is no Starbucks. I can deal with that if there’s a good coffee house with strong, dark roast. But, apparently, in this neck of the woods, they like weak coffee. In order to meet my morning caffeine demand, I had to order an Americano (espresso shots with hot water) with 4 shots of espresso. Yek…I’m really struggling with that.

Flying the Friendly Skies

I did get a run in on Tuesday afternoon. There is a park in downtown Harrison that has a running trail. I ran the mile or so that meandered by Crooked Creek and then took off on a small country road for the rest of my run. It is fall here, and it is fabulously painted in full color. WOW!! I ended up running for an hour and a half because I didn’t want to stop. The weather was perfect.

Country Road that i ran on with a lone cyclist

It was suggested that I dine at Devito’s for trout. They have their own trout pond on the premises. So, I drove north from Harrison until it got dark looking at the Ozarks scenery and then headed out for dinner. I had the Pesto Trout. It was a perfect ending to a great day.

This morning I went to Neighbor’s Mill where I got my Americano and ate a lovely veggie omelet. I also had lunch there today and will probably dine there tonight. I ran into a friend of a friend at FedEx, and we are headed out to a men’s 12-step meeting tonight. That could be interesting. He swears they will allow girls. Well, when in Harrison…..I just hope they have good coffee.

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  1. Well darn! Two dear friends live in Cotter. I didn’t think to ask them for meeting recommendations.

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