Get in shape…Jessica’s workout for making your backside your best side.


I’ve been noticing a familiar pain in my ass (and that’s literal, not metaphorical) reappearing every now and then.  Last time it was hangin’ around I referred to it as the PITA.  It hangs around mostly in my right glute but occasionally transforms into a tugging sensation and pain in my low back.  If I catch it early (which I hope I have), I can incorporate a few stretching and strength moves to keep it calm.  No one likes a PITA, especially an angry one.

Last night in my free weekly core class at the Texas Running Company, I had a few students who also completed the IBM 10k on Sunday.  With recovery for legs in mind, and treatment for the PITA, I took out most of the harder full body cardio moves and one of the rounds of lunges.  Instead we focused more on our actual abs and the…

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