Insomnia is much better than it used to be. In the olden days (yes, I was around then and had insomnia) all I could do was watch infomercials about George Foreman grills and old movies on HBO that had been on 5000 times. I think I saw Arthur so many times, I could recite every line. At least it was funny, and it seemed to stay that way.

Now, at least I know who else is up. This morning, I have insomnia. Billy is up. Debbie is up. They are both posting on Facebook. If I wanted to, I could call them up and we could have coffee together on Skype. I know my friend Staci is asleep. She successfully defended her Doctorate proposal yesterday. She’s probably relieved and had her insomnia on Thursday morning. I can send messages to all those folks that I’ve been meaning to write to but just haven’t had the time. I looked through Greg’s pics. Looks like he may have a new girlfriend or several or maybe he’s just playing the field. Anyway, I let him know that he’s looking pretty good over there in Miami.

I caught up on all my friend’s past status updates that I missed. The best one that had me laughing out loud was this one:

I FB-stalked my current crushes. Nothing interesting there. I’m not sure why they are my current crushes. They seem pretty one-dimensional. Why am I attracted to all of these hard core conservatives? Maybe I need to find some new ones. Or, maybe I’ll revisit some old ones. Surely, there’s a few of them on my friends’ list. Boring…no wonder they are not crushes anymore. I could check out my stepdaughter. I know she just recently moved to Chicago with her beau. OMG…what a cute cover pic she has. She is downright adorable.

My cats are enjoying this. They get to cuddle up and hug in the middle of the night- which is what they do when I’m sleeping anyway. I could do something constructive like go for a run. I’m signed up for a TRX class at 5:45 AM. I’ll definitely go do that. But, right now, I may as well drink coffee. I’m not going back to sleep. I’m washing clothes, packing for my trip, got my waxing done and am just hanging out. I’m going to hate this after lunch today because I know I’m going to crash.

Oh, look, Connie Sue, one of my blog readers just signed on to FB. Wonder if she has insomnia, too? I need to thank her for posting that sweet post on FB yesterday.

People are starting to get up. Kristi is up. She teaches early morning spinning and yoga classes, so she’s probably just on her usual schedule. Heidi just logged in. She’s a new friend on FB, and I haven’t seen her since I was working part time at Sears in Merrillville in 2003. I found her through Becky’s friends’ list. I can’t wait to catch up with her. I worked with her at Whirlpool. She was always so much fun to be around. I messaged her: “Insomnia?” “Totally,” she replied. In the old days, I wouldn’t even have known she was up.

Well, I guess I’ll start moving around a little. I have to get stuff ready for work, and I can start packing for my trip to Costa Rica – which is the reason for this insomnia. I’m so freaking excited about this trip. This time tomorrow, I’ll be driving to the airport and will be hugging my friend Jascia at approximately 1 PM. Hopefully, I’ll have sand between my toes by 3 PM. Woohoo!! Can’t wait!! If you need me this afternoon, I’ll be slugging back espresso at the Houston Levee Starbucks.

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