Girl Talk: All Male Surf Instructors….You’ve Got to be Kidding Me!

The first day…line ’em up

Oh, my….throw some men in the mix and how the energy changes! I went on a women’s retreat in Hawaii in March. It was all women, and it was a relaxing, very close and emotionally bonding time. We never put on makeup. Nobody drank alcohol, and there was no dancing except for some hula dancing and belly dancing that was designed to get us in touch with our sensual selves. Well, this week we got in touch with our sensual selves in a whole different way!

This week I’m in Costa Rica with a Women’s Quest group surfing and practicing yoga. But, the best news of the week was delivered on Day 1. Colleen said, “We have all male surf instructors.” OMG…my ears and my hormones perked up. Really?? ALL MALE surf instructors? And, these guys are not only male, but they are mostly Latino, Italian and a few other exotic bloodlines. Holy cow…you are throwing these guys on the beach with a bunch of mostly middle-aged American women on vacation, skimpily clad and eager for outdoor adventure? Does Colleen really know what she’s doing? Well, I’d say we’ll learn something about ourselves. That alone is worth the price of the trip. This should be interesting.

Gon, Mary’s Surf Instructor telling us his surfing story

When the Del Mar Surf Camp surf instructors walked onto the beach that first day, I, for one, was checking them out. My, what it would be like to be 21 again and be on the market for these hunks. But, hey, we can dream, can’t we? And, isn’t there this whole cougar trend going on now? At any rate, the scenery was fabulous. Not only were they tan and beautiful, they were freaking surfers….is that sexy or what? These young men have learned to respond and respect the power of a wave. They do not have the type of masculine energy that kills whatever it sees. Surfing takes a heart and a body that knows how to feel and respond in a way that’s even more powerful than pouncing on something. They know how to integrate into the movement of the surf and they are patient enough to wait for the right one. Even the most frigid female has to consider that food for fantasy.

Each day, a few of the guys ate lunch with us and told us their stories. Not only were they awesome, but they were so humble, too.

“I have the male surf instructors for a reason,” Colleen said. “We don’t always have all males, but we have to have some. We would never be able to go out into the deeper water without their strength.” Well, I’m not complaining. Geez….. But, even Colleen agrees that it changes the energy from more inward work to one where nighttime partying becomes a possibility and maybe even a necessity. After all, girls will be girls.

They carried our surfboards

After a few days of surfing with these guys…..wet….sweet….sexy-eyed guys, the drinking began. And, along with the drinking was the girl talk. And, the girl talk quickly turned to the guys. “Who do you like?” is the typical refrain. That is usually followed up by, “Is he single?” Now, I’m not saying who likes who, but we all have our favorites. And, every one of them is somebody’s favorite. Amazing how we all like different things…..and different boys. I can tell you there’s two I like. And, I like them for very different reasons. I’m 51. I would never act on it, but OMG, is that a fantasy for a real women’s quest?  A girl can dream, can’t she?

Ramon, my surf instructor, telling us his story

We went shopping yesterday, and everybody was talking about what they were going to wear for dinner and dancing with the surf instructors. And, all the gals put on makeup if they brought it. If they didn’t bring it, they were whining about not having any. It’s just part of the game, like the surf instructors say about wiping out in surfing. If there are boys that have been raising your libido all week, you can’t help but put on the war paint, don your colorful, feminine costumes and giggle about what could happen if only in your dreams. Last night at dinner after a few libations, we began to talk about the surfing exhibition that the guys were going to put on for us this afternoon with Ismael, one of our instructors. “You can’t wear shirts,” Jascia said. We all laughed, but we were pleading…great idea….thanks, Jascia!

Michele’ (I think that’s how you spell it) and lucky Bonnie…adorable

It’s been really fun and dramatically different from what I experienced in Hawaii on this retreat. It’s had its own lessons and fun. I’m glad to have been here if only to realize that I’ve still got what it takes to be taken away by a beautiful, hard-bodied, handsome man. And, I don’t mean taken away on a surfboard although that’s been fun, too. It’s been fun to see other beautiful women who may or may not be happy in their partnerships be taken away to a time and a place far, far away from reality. After all, it is Costa Rica…and they say, “What happens in Costa Rica, stays in Costa Rica.”

3 Comments on “Girl Talk: All Male Surf Instructors….You’ve Got to be Kidding Me!

  1. Great post! As a middle aged woman myself, I sometimes need to be reminded that my life is not over, nor am I dead..yet! Of course young attractive men to look at doesn’t hurt the process! I just finished reading a great book called “Borderless Broads, New Adventures for the Midlife Woman” by Morgana Morgaine. You can check her out and get the book right from her website, It’s a great read for women, especially those like me who are midlife; I highly recommend it. Thanks again for the post!

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