Women’s Questers…Here’s to You…Fabulous You!

When I was in Costa Rica, I wrote about the surfer boys. And, truthfully, they were worth writing about. OMG…they were beautiful. But, I really need to write about the girls..women…goddesses.…on that trip. It was a Women’s Quest, after all. It was all about us and exploring what it is like to be women among women.

I roomed with Hollis and Jascia, two women that I met in Hawaii on my March quest. We are all about 10 years apart from each other, so it’s a nice generational span. But, you’d never know it. We all have the same issues going on even though we are in different phases of our lives. We all worry about our weight, our wrinkles, sex, boys AND men (there is a difference, and they are both fabulous), our hair and money.

There were 15 questers this time and several Women’s Quest and Del Mar Surfing Camp staffers. That was a lot of women. And, I have to say that they were all beautiful. We had three female physicians on the trip. We had Moms with small kids. We had empty nesters. We had one that was going through a painful divorce. There were several athletes and many wanna-be athletes. Some of us drank alcohol and others didn’t drink at all. Some of them didn’t drink coffee. I have to say I considered them a little suspect…I mean, come on, it’s freaking Costa Rican coffee in Costa Rica!! We had some vegetarians and some gluten-free ladies.

Suffice it to say, we had all kinds of women present and accounted for. When I’m on one of these retreats, I try to spend some time with every woman individually, so I can get to know them a little. I like to talk, and I love getting to know people. Of course, my blog helped me get some conversations started. Several women had read it beforehand, so they had some topics they wanted to talk about with me. Once I wrote Lessons from the Surf, several other women came up to talk to me about their lessons learned. It was fun to have some conversation pieces, and I really enjoyed hearing what they learned from surfing.

There was a big age span, but most of the women were 30s-50s, I guess. So, all of us were going through life changes, considering life changes or just done with major life changes. The one thing that is consistent is that life changes….all the time. And, women like to talk about it. I could tell that some of the women on the trip were new at sharing about things. One even told me she is not very comfortable talking about herself. But, she stretched on this trip. I’m very proud of her. I hope it was a good experience. Another one, a beautiful, fabulous, young women in her 30s, told me she thought she talked too much. I really related to her because I’ve always been a talker. I told her to keep talking. From my own experience the very people that think you talk too much, are the ones that really want to talk but they can’t. They live through you. She was so beautiful, and her tears freely flowed as she processed her experiences from the trip. I just thought she was fabulous.

Girls love clothes….at any age. I’m a bit of a clothes horse, so I always get teased about my great clothes. So, we talked about clothes and where to buy them. We talked about what to wear as we get older and what we don’t feel comfortable wearing anymore. I know that, for me, I love clothes. They are how I express myself. I used to worry about dressing too young. And, truthfully, there are some things I can’t pull off anymore, but I wear what makes me feel good. I’m old enough now that I don’t necessarily care that much what you think about what I wear. If I feel good and sexy and happy in it, I’m wearing it. There were all sizes of women at that retreat, and we wore swimsuits and skimpy clothing the entire time. And, I can say everyone looked fabulous! They were happy. They were smiling. Who cares what size your body is when you are comfortable in it? Hell, these bodies were surfing and doing yoga and ziplining! That’s pretty impressive.

Ismael, one of the surf instructors, said at dinner that he loved women. He thinks they are so smart and very powerful no matter their age. He said he loved being around us. I don’t know how old he was, but I’m guessing he was in his 30s. I have to echo his sentiments. I think we hurt ourselves as women when we focus on our looks and our bodies rather than the incredible intelligence and energy that we bring to this planet. I grew up thinking it was a man’s world. And, maybe it is….but the world is small and getting smaller every day. It may be a man’s world, but the universe belongs to women. Step into that and keep smiling, girls….you are utterly, devastatingly beautiful!

4 Comments on “Women’s Questers…Here’s to You…Fabulous You!

  1. Sharon, you have a gift for crystallizing thoughts into words. Thanks for a great blog. Great photos too! I bet you know which one I like the best! 😉

  2. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs – they bring both smiles and tears to me! You have a great way with words – keep up the great work. Missing our great times together and looking forward to the next gathering of fabulous women! 🙂 (So how do I make those smiley faces on my computer????)

    • Thank you Hollis. And, you did make a smiley face on your comment. I’ll never forget how special I felt with you and Jascia listening to me read my blogs. That was soooo cool! Thank you for indulging me! Hope to see you soon!

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