So far, so good….Paying the Piper, Part II

Me, Jessica and Linda....when I was in better shape last spring...I'll get there again!
Me, Jessica and Linda….when I was in better shape last spring…I’ll get there again!

I wrote on Tuesday that I am getting back on track with healthier eating and exercising, and so far I’m doing really well. I’m already feeling a lot better. I have more energy. I’m sleeping better. Those two things are worth it right there. Most people have commented that I should wait until after the holidays, but that doesn’t work for me. My holidays end in January because I have a birthday two weeks after New Years. That’s followed up by a chocolate feast –  Valentine’s Day. It just goes on and on. There’s no time like the present.

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 8.20.47 PM
The food diary on My Fitness Pal’s website

I enlisted the B***h’s help (my personal trainer), and she sent me a program that I was to follow this week. When I got the email it didn’t look too bad. I have three days of running and two days of strength training. So, I actually have 3 days of rest if I double up one of the strength training days with a running day. That sounds awesome! Plus, I get to exercise my dog. It all looked pretty good……on paper. I planned to get up Tuesday morning and do the first running workout. Well, actually I planned to do it Monday and then I got lazy. So, I thought I’d get up Tuesday and get it over with. You see, if I try to exercise at night, it never happens. I just don’t have the energy in the evening that I do in the morning. Well, I got up at 5 AM on Tuesday, got my coffee ready, sat down to drink it, wrote my blog, checked Facebook. Hell…it’s not happening. So I was stuck with doing it Tuesday evening. If I didn’t, it was going to throw the whole week’s schedule off. I HAD to do it Tuesday night.

Tofu and Roasted it!
Tofu and Roasted Veggies…love it!

I decided to have a cup of green tea and a snack of a rice cake spread with that dark chocolate peanut butter with 1/2 sliced banana on top. I think the green tea really perked me up, and I had plenty of energy to run a total of 6 hills over a bridge in Memphis. Then, I had to do this little 30 minute workout when I got home. I want to know the name of the person that can do this workout in 30 minutes. I was cussing that B***h after the first 10 minutes. It was brutal. I think I used every muscle in my body. It was all I could do to get through it in 45 – 50minutes. Doesn’t she realize I’m 51?! But, I slept like a baby. I could hardly move the next day.

I track my food on It’s a great tracking log for both food and exercise. I have an app on my phone for when I’m away from a computer. I plan my meals the night before and load them into the database so I know where I stand calorie-wise. My goal is to eat 1500 calories a day subtracting the amount of calories that I burn during exercise. This keeps me motivated to keep moving. The more calories I burn, the easier it is to eat normally. I just have to remember not to get too rigid about it.

Tonight I had a 5 mile tempo run which means I have to run it at my race pace. I’m not in shape for that pace, so it was really hard. I didn’t hit my pace, but I did the run. I have to start somewhere. Tomorrow morning, I’m scheduled for a TRX workout at the gym at 5:45. I like my gym because you have to pay if you don’t show up for a class. It keeps me motivated to get up and go.

I’ve had to cook more this week. When I’m trying to watch my diet, it’s much easier to eat home-cooked food. Besides, it’s cheaper. I’m a good cook, so the food is usually better, too. I do have to make the time to plan my meals, shop, cook, clean the kitchen and pack a lunch for work. It’s worth it….I’m worth it. Last night I roasted some brussel sprouts, carrots, onions and cubed tofu with some olive oil, salt and chipotle pepper. Before you turn your nose up at tofu, let me tell you this….I pay $1.79 for a package and get two – three meals out of it. It’s healthy, high in quality protein, and is a convenient fast food that only takes a short time to cook. I had to learn to cook it, though. I used to think it was that slimy stuff that was in Chinese soups. If you put it in the freezer and then cook it, it has a chewy texture and, of course, it soaks up the flavor of everything. I love it.

Beans, Rice and Greens...healthy fare
Lentils, Rice and Greens…healthy fare

I’ve also had snacks with sweet potatoes and peanut butter, mixed nuts and dates, and one of my favorites, greek yogurt with stevia and vanilla extract. So, I’ve not been very satisfied. I’ve been using herbal teas to fill the gaps between meals. I love Stash Tea’s Licorice Spice tea. It’s sweet and spicy and warm. Tomorrow morning, our office is having a Winter Fest Breakfast. I’m not sure what’s going to be on the menu, but surely they’ll have some stuff without wheat or sugar. I’m focusing on eliminating those two things. This is the second time I’ve eliminated wheat, and both times, within a day I’m feeling like a million bucks. So, I definitely think it makes a difference for me.

Anyway, I’m paying the piper, but it doesn’t seem too bad at this point. I just have to make the time for it, and it’s a little easier now that I’m not traveling for work as much. Plus, I’m feeling better, and that’s always a big motivator. I’ve already lost a couple of pounds, but I knew that would happen as soon as I started moving and stopped eating so much sodium and fat. I’m encouraged. We’ll see what happens tomorrow… day at a time.

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