Making a Christmas Movie Together

2012-12-22 12.59.47

My niece and nephew always want to play Angry Birds and Ants on my iPhone when I visit. I ingeniously decided to get them to work on a movie project with me this time. It would give us time to spend together and give us something different to do. My nephew always says with a big whine, “Aunt Sharon, what can we do together?” I never have a good idea, but I thought we’d plan a movie and put it together, and we did. I’ll let the movie speak for itself. And, BTW Perfectionists….it’s not perfect. I’m not going to spend the whole weekend working on it. I’ve got laughing to do.

Merry Christmas….talk to you soon… ๐Ÿ™‚

6 Comments on “Making a Christmas Movie Together

  1. Can’t decide which I like best…the bird finger tummy scratching, the miscounted verse (too funny that it was the waiting glasses which jumped a spot), or those yawning Yankees. BUT, the lovely styling peace-nik was adorable.

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