Living: Step Into the Flow

Blue Water Flow Detail

In my first blog, I wrote that my goal in writing this blog was to share my journey to create a different life for myself in the hopes that you might find some things helpful to your journey. Along the way, I can’t tell you how many of my acquaintances have shared similar stories and situations with me and who have now become great friends. What I didn’t know at the time of embarking on this journey of writing was that there is a whole community of bloggers out there, too. My horizons and my opportunity for friendship and connection grew immensely from my desire to create opportunities for others. That is sort of the way it works.

I have experienced in my life that, when you give – time, money, love, affection, support – there is a universal law in the world that brings that same stuff back to you. I’ve experienced it with money several times in my life. I’m not rich, so I don’t give an enormous amount of money away, and I’m particular as to what causes I can afford to support. But, every now and then, something happens in my gut that tells me to give money to something with a rather intense urgency. I have to make sure that it’s not my codependency talking, but that urging comes from a different place in my body. I trust that there is a power greater than me that is telling me I need to move on this. When I get into that flow, interesting things happen. One time, I got the exact same amount of money back in an unexpected refund check EXACTLY when I needed it. Another time, I ended up being given a discount at a store for a similar amount of money just because something weird happened. I just trust that money is on a continuum that ebbs and flows. If I feel myself getting anxious and tight-fisted about money (very different than budgeting; budgeting and planfully using money is different), I sometimes force myself to give some away just to get back into a flow. I’m never disappointed.

A man I met on Match was inspired by my running blogs to start running again. Every now and then I get a text from him about his running progress, and it’s not been easy, but he’s enjoying it. This morning, he texted me that he ran/walked on South Beach yesterday. At one point in his life, he had been inspired to run by a man named Raven whose claim to fame is that he runs 8 miles EVERYDAY. When he got out to run/walk yesterday, he met him on the beach. I just think that is so cool. He was open to adding a new element to his world, and the new element gave something back to him. In addition, because he texted me, I viewed the ravenrun website, and I am inspired by his journey. So, it expanded my world a bit, too.

It’s funny because the Raven’s story is much like what I’m describing. He decided to run 8 miles everyday for a New Year’s Resolution. He did it, and then decided to continue it. He runs everyday, on the same beach, at the same time…. and has since 1975. He just decided to add a new element to his life, and it began to add to his. He has people who travel all over the world to run with him. He has seen the same sunset, the same beach, the same water for 35 years, everyday. The spiritual and personal growth that he has experienced from showing up at the same place and the same time everyday must be mind-blowing. What a glorious meditation!

The Raven

This is what I believe. The world is an immensely giving, loving place. Sure, there are issues all over the place. But, there is a higher power, and I choose to call him God, that has created a world where we reap what we sow. When we give and love, it comes back. It can’t be used like an investment. It has to come from the heart and in a desire to create openness and space. Greed closes the flow down. That’s a constriction. But, if I want to blow open my world, I just have to open my heart a little. I have to share a little of what I have. It can be money. It can be a hug. It can be encouragement. It can be compassion. That little crack that I create will allow boundless blessings to come flowing in if only I will appreciate them and see them for how special they truly are. Won’t you add a new element to your life today? Just to see what happens…..

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