Romantic, Colorful, Sweet Charleston

I am presenting to a group of sales managers from my company in Charleston SC tomorrow. So, I flew in today. It was cloudy when I got here, but the sun eventually came out. I had to do a workout prescribed by that woman who is training me, so I set out for an early dinner. The hotel recommended Fig and a place called the Cru Cafe. They both looked really nice, but they were really expensive, and I didn’t want a heavy dinner since that woman is holding me accountable for working out. I found a place called Hank’s on the internet. It looked like just what I wanted, and it was right across the street from where I’m staying in the Historic District.

I asked my waiter what he recommended that was healthy but really good with fresh fish. He recommended the grouper with green pea risotto and collard greens. “I’ll take that, then,” I said. It was fabulous, healthy and really beautifully presented. After dinner, I took a walk for about an hour, meandering around the streets of Charleston. I found the Market which is very similar in appearance to the French Market in New Orleans. When I told Mama that I was in Charleston, she told me it was very much like New Orleans but cleaner. She was right. It was just a little shinier but had the same old south French feel.

I got a cup of green tea at Cafe Paridiso. I forgot that I only had my corporate card, so the guy just gave it to me. I promised him I’d stop by on my run in the morning and pay him for it. Besides, it looks like they serve a decent breakfast. It might be a good place to hang out while I’m waiting for my afternoon presentation slot. I found my favorite kind of store….a hat shop. Luckily for me, all of their winter hats at the Key West Hat Company are 50% off, and I tried on a bunch of hats. I’ve been a little down lately, so I’m not quite my friendly, outgoing self. But the hat lady and the hats cheered me up a bit. I had her hold a really cute fedora for me since I couldn’t use my corporate card on a hat. I’m getting it for $12. You can’t beat that.

Enjoy some pics of Charleston….It’s beautiful here, and I’m looking forward to a morning run to see more of the city.

4 Comments on “Romantic, Colorful, Sweet Charleston

  1. That woman… very proud of you for pushing through a tough workout 🙂 Eyes on the prize(s)!!
    Great photos – we’ll have to do a race there some day!

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