One Week Down….Six Meals a Day…One Day at a Time


Today is a day of celebration! I’m going to treat myself to an early night and a quick pat on the back. It has been 7 days since I started my eating plan to deal with my wacko blood sugar, and I have done a great job! I’ve been eating my six meals a day, AND I’ve enjoyed it. It’s been a challenge, but I did it! With as many false starts as I’ve had in the last few months, I am very grateful for whatever made it stick this time.

I’ve had to make time to cook vegetables and pack 6 mini-meals per day to bring to work. In addition, over the weekend, I had to schedule activities with friends without doing meals. Later, I will be able to work around it, but I’d really like to spend a few weeks getting used to this eating schedule and staying focused. That means most of my meals will be made at home. I have to say they have been really tasty, and I made a conscious effort to eat a variety of different foods. For vegetables, I’ve had sweet potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, onions, mushrooms, carrots, asparagus and beets. I don’t eat very much meat, so I’ve had to really work on good protein sources. I’ve had nuts, beans, almond butter, eggs, chicken patties, cheese, greek yogurt and powdered peanut butter. I’ve learned to love Ezekiel Bread and the same brand tortillas. For fruits, I ate cooked apples with cinnamon, dried fruit, oranges, tangerines and fresh pineapple. It was never boring and always colorful.

One thing I’ve learned this week is that I like having a smoothie first thing in the morning and a heartier meal of oatmeal at 9 AM. Jessica “Bitch” Sprenkel reminded me to throw spinach into my smoothies for a calcium boost and an extra dose of veggies. Don’t turn up your nose, spinach-haters, you can’t even taste it. It’s like getting a handful of vegetables for free! So, I’ve been starting my morning with a smoothie:


1 cup vanilla almond milk
2 T Powdered Peanut Butter or 3 oz. Greek Yogurt (Plain, nonfat)
1 cup fresh spinach or 1/2 cup frozen full leaf spinach
1 T powdered vitamin supplement
1/2 banana, frozen
1 T Matcha or Cocoa Powder (for a caffeine kick)

Throw it all in the blender and blend. I’ve added a little bit of water when I use the frozen spinach because it’s a little too freezy.


Another thing that has been a real treat is a pre-workout snack of Ezekiel Bread with 1 T Almond Butter and 1 T of my favorite cherry jam. Yummy!! And, it keeps my energy up until my 9 PM meal. I have not been hungry at all. So, I’ve not been tempted to eat sugary treats or even have coffee. I’ve been drinking green tea and green chai tea whenever I want.

I’m already seeing benefits from the new plan. For the past month or so, I’d been having bad night sweats every night. I assumed it was menopausal stuff, so I didn’t think there was much I could do about them. The first night I started eating like this, the night sweats stopped, and they haven’t come back. Apparently, hypoglycemia will cause night sweats if you get it while you’re sleeping. So, that has certainly helped me to sleep better. I’ve also lost a few pounds. I’d like to be able to breathe when I wear my Levi’s, so I hope I’m moving in the right direction for that!


I was stoked about having a good week nutritionally and healthwise, but I got really excited when I got home. In the mailbox was my favorite piece of mail – the new issues of Runner’s World. I can’t wait to dig into it. I had a rest day today in my training, so I have a little extra time tonight. I’m curled up with my kitties right now with the electric blanket warming my toes. As soon as I hit Publish on this blog, I am digging into that magazine. Night, y’all….

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