Getting Strong Now….

Me and Ashok in our first race of 2013 - the Hill and Dale 8 was so much fun!

I am so freaking proud of myself! I just had an awesome run. When I started training with Ms. Bitch back in December, I couldn’t keep an 11:30 pace for anything. One of the first workouts she gave me was a tempo run where I was supposed to run that pace for 1 mile or so, and I couldn’t hit it for anything. It was very disheartening because it’s not very fast. But, I guess that’s why I was paying her…. to improve.

I’ve been training with her for 13 weeks now. I also ran the Austin Half Marathon. I missed my goal by about 4 minutes, but I was pretty happy with my time since I had been sick for several weeks before the race. Ever since the race I’ve been doing a lot of strength-training and interval running to build a “base”, whatever that is. I haven’t been doing any long runs. Tonight’s run was 6 miles, and that’s the longest since the half-marathon in Austin on 2/17. The workout that has been killing me is an interval workout where I run 30 seconds all out as fast as I can and then run for 90 seconds at a regular run pace. She tells me to run like I’m chasing that cowboy I like so much….ha!! I’m supposed to repeat it 10 times, but I can only do 6 repeats without walking to recover. This week I have to do 7 repeats before walking. Speed is definitely my weak link. That workout has been really pushing my lung capacity, and my lungs hurt when I get done. My hamstrings are so sore the next day I can hardly walk. Even my dog hates that one. She didn’t drag as much when she ran a 20 miler with me. I think she may bite Jessica next time she sees her. Hell, I might bite her myself.

On my run tonight, I ran 6 miles. Every other mile I was supposed to run at 11:30 pace (race pace). Are you ready for this? My splits were:




Woohoo!!! I’m getting faster. Even at 52, this old body improves with the right workouts. I could actually run race pace. I don’t know what happened on the last one because I felt like I nailed it, but I guess I didn’t. At any rate, it’s close enough. The best part is I felt like Rocky Balboa during and after the run…I could almost hear that music…getting strong now…..! I felt strong, and I totally enjoyed the run. Ashok had a blast. We ran on the greenline, and she just trotted alongside me like she was king of the world. She would move over between me and any other dogs, and she had a blast running into puddles and going for a swim when we were on an un-timed lap. It was fun! That’s what I’m doing this for, isn’t it?

It just amazes me how the body adapts to training and gets faster and stronger in such a short period of time. I couldn’t tell if it was working. I could tell I was sore, but tonight really showed me that I have to trust the process. I may run a 2:30 half marathon on April 27th yet!! Man, do I feel like a rock star! Thanks, Ms. Bitch…..I have to say it’s worth it when I feel this good….ADRIAN!!! Sorry…forgot myself….

8 Comments on “Getting Strong Now….

    • Yes, I do! Success and results are inspiring. Tonight will be the most challenging workout of my week, but now I know it is working!

  1. And to think earlier in the day you were questioning Ms. Bitch…. ;). I like that you’re actively involved in your training, and care to figure out why you’re doing the workouts.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Well, I’ve always asked why…even as a little girl. I’m a big picture sort of person. If I know why, I can make an informed decision when I start thinking “why not”! Love you…you are teaching me much! I’m considering an early June trail run..10 miles..more to come.

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