Living: Doing the Next Right Thing

I texted my friend Jessica Tuesday morning at 7:18 AM…

Me: I’m really struggling this morning. Tired of the cooking, the working out, the running, the matcha – I want my f**king espresso!

Jessica: It makes you so cranky! No working out today! Just rest. Do something for yourself.

Me: Sick of these needy animals, FedEx and men.

Jessica: And I think it is the full moon…I’m having similar moods. 🙂

Me: Oh, ok. So, I’m not crazy?

Jessica: Ha, nah. I think it’ll pass. The thing about the lifestyle you’ve chosen (working out/eating well) is that it’s not easy. Planning, effort and energy are all required. The long term benefits are great, but it’s hard!

Me: It is hard. I just want to roll up in bed and cry.

Jessica: Maybe you should…

I’d like to say that having that conversation cleared things up and I felt supported and got over myself. But, it didn’t. It got worse from there. I did feel supported, but I didn’t start feeling any better. I wanted to quit my job, become a nun, dump these animals, sell my house and get rid of that damn new car. I was decidedly…emphatically… a funk. The funk lasted approximately 3 days. I haven’t even had it in me to blog.

I decided not to panic. I didn’t have to do any of the things I wanted to do on Tuesday. They could wait until Wednesday. If I still felt like selling my house, signing up for a convent, bringing my animals to the shelter and selling my car on Wednesday, I could. So, I cleared everything off my schedule except going to work. That’s all I really needed to do. When I got home that evening, I ordered some of my favorite comfort food from Petra Cafe – hummus and pita, a pasta salad and some baklava, and I rested. I went to bed about 7 PM. I read for awhile, turned off my phone and then went to sleep. I felt a little better on Thursday.

My assignment from Jessica on Thursday was to run for an hour. I was told not to push it. I had to find my joy in running again. She said to go somewhere pretty and run like I like to run. For me, I love running when I can take my time and enjoy the sights. So, I got home from work, packed up Ashok and drove downtown to run by the Mississippi River. There’s just something about the river in Downtown Memphis in the spring. It’s beautiful, people are out, and the sunset is phenomenal. I ended up running about 4.5 miles, and I ran a loop from South Main to the Farmer’s Market, through Tom Lee Park, over the riverwalk on the bluff, down Main Street, past Beale Street and back to South Main. It was a beautiful evening. I took some absolutely fabulous pics of the sunset on the river, but my camera conveniently ate them. So, I’ve attached some pictures of my run along with a couple of pictures of the sunset on the river that I took Monday night. I hope you enjoy them.

As for me, I feel back on track today. I woke up this morning happy as a clam. Nothing has changed but me. No matter what’s happening or not happening in my life, I just have to keep it simple and do the next right thing. If the next right thing is to get my mojo back, be gentle with myself  and take a run, then that’s what I have to do. And, that’s exactly what I did. It works……every time.

She's always happy after a run!
She’s always happy after a run!

4 Comments on “Living: Doing the Next Right Thing

  1. Love the pics, love Memphis. My fav place to visit. Your dog is so cute. I really can relate to your mood, but I don’t run. I’m sure running is great therapy. Glad you’re feeling like posting again! I really enjoy reading it!

  2. Your honesty is sooooooooooooo refreshing! And I can relate. Thanks.

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