The Skin Nazi

Me and Teri after my makeup.
Me and Teri after my treatment…no makeup.

I decided a year or so ago to ramp up my skin care. I had gone out to dinner with some friends, and one of my friends who I’d seen just a few weeks before had this incredible glow to her skin. Not only that, but some lines that I had noticed on her face were gone…completely gone. I didn’t say anything because I thought maybe I wasn’t remembering it accurately or maybe she had just had a bad makeup day. During the dinner conversation, she told me that Teri had worked on her face and had performed some miracles in healing her skin.

I talked to Teri later and asked what she does. She said she was in the business of healing skin – not just making it look better. She specializes in treating Rosacia and Eczema, but anti-aging is her mainstay. I was so impressed with the work she had done on my friend that I set up an appointment with her. I saw amazing results the first time I saw her, but I really was seeing amazing results after about 6 months. She doesn’t do any of the fillers and stuff. It is all skin care. And, I’m an au naturale kind of girl.

The first time I went I asked what I could do at home to make sure that I was taking care of my skin. I’m in my early 50s, so my skin is beginning to show signs of aging and sun damage. I sunbathed a lot when I was a teen, and I’m a natural red-head. The sun kicks my skin’s ass. And, it’s beginning to show. My goal is to make sure my skin is as healthy as can be. I don’t care to look so much younger as I care to look healthy. She told me to:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Sleep on my back – she said she could tell that I slept on my side by my skin. Yeah, right?
  • Eat chia seeds. They are great for hydration and nutrition.
  • And she wanted me to press my facial skin against the underlying bone when I cleansed at night. She had some theory about that helping. Another yeah, right? Whatever.

I did all those things, faithfully, for about 6 months. My skin started looking really good from the at-home skin care routine she prescribed and fairly regular facials where she applies new techniques designed to stimulate collagen and promote healing in my skin. She told me to stop wearing foundation on my first visit. “Your skin looks amazing,” she told me. “Don’t cover it up.” So, I have worn foundation just a couple of times in the past year. I’m a believer in her magic. I come out looking totally awesome…at least as far as my skin is concerned.

Last night I went in for an Oxygen facial. She put this stuff on my face after doing some micro-dermabrasion that exfoliates the skin and I’m sure some other scientific stuff. It got all bubbly and tingly, and she let it sit for awhile while she gave me a Glycerna for dinner.

Oxygen Treatment

She said, “You’re sleeping on your right side a lot.” No way!! I had to confess that I’d gotten lazy about it and had gotten tired of propping myself up with pillows so I didn’t roll over on my side. But, she could tell by my skin. I told her that she should start charging penalty fees for clients that don’t follow her instructions. “You need to sleep on your back. If you don’t, you will be charged an extra $10 at your next treatment, ” she could say as the Skin Nazi. I said, yes! Hold people accountable! Why should you do all this work just for them to screw it up. It could also be a huge money maker. I got nervous, though, when she also discovered that I’d quit pressing my skin against the bone. Yes, she said she could tell because some white flakes or something were on my eyelid. Good heavens? How much will I have to pay for that crime? An additional $5 maybe. I can see my bill going up in future treatments. She could have a Hall of Shame board where she posts pics of clients who did not follow her instructions much like the dogs that now have to wear the cone of shame on the internet. I later confessed that I had not been drinking enough water. That was a biggie. What’s the penalty? $10? $15? Or could this be a $25 fine.

Teri had to take an "after" photo.
Teri had to take an “after” photo.

I had a place on my skin that looked a tiny bit suspicious, and I have to be careful of skin cancer. Teri worked in a dermatologist’s office, so she’s very keen on getting that stuff treated and checked out. She applied some retinol to see if this was a suspicious spot or just a little imperfection showing up. The retinol will negatively impact the oxygenation process a tiny bit, but she felt it was was worth it. I really trust Teri’s opinion when it comes to my skin. I’ve sent other friends to see her, and they’ve seen marvelous results too. She makes it fun, too, and she’s teaching me the value of healthy skin – even though I’m a bit undisciplined at times. I asked her if she had a quote for me. “Step away from the magnifying mirror!” she said and laughed. I will, Teri. Thanks. I don’t want anything to come between me and a love for my own face. It’s not perfect, but it’s perfect for me.

If you want to call Teri, she’s at SpectacularSkin, Inc. in Memphis at 474 Perkins Extended.  Phone (615) 582-0501

6 Comments on “The Skin Nazi

  1. Water IS the Fountain of Youth!
    My best friend is also a skin expert – it’s wonderful to have her!! She tells me to drink, drink, drink – and to sleep on my back.
    She has other great things to offer – all natural as well. I haven’t worn foundation for years! I will be 54 next week!! Whooohooo

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