Happy Friday Eve

My friend Leah and I last night at dinner
My friend Leah and I last night at dinner

My friend Gerry texted me and asked what was going on. “You’ve gone quiet,” he said.  “Just busy,” I replied. “Trying to decide if I should blog or not. What do you think?” He told me the beauty of blogging was I could do whatever I wanted to. I told him I just got back from the gym so maybe I should slam my trainer. “She’s an easy target,” he agreed. Let her have it!” He’s at the Hotel Indigo listening to music, so I asked him to send a pic. He also told me I should write about Fathers and Daughters on Father’s Day. I think I might. Daddy, get ready. No telling what I’ll come up with between now and then.

Scene from the Hotel Indigo..have fun Gerry!
Scene from the Hotel Indigo..have fun Gerry!

I had a late workout tonight. I didn’t sleep too well last night, so it took every bit of get up and go that I had to head over to the gym at 8 PM. I knew it would take about an hour to finish up. Tonight I had to do some speed work on the treadmill and body weight (TRX) strength training. The B*tch has me doing three strength-training workouts a week and three runs. The last month I’ve been unmotivated, uninterested and otherwise lazy, so my workouts have taken a back seat. She still keeps sending them, and I just blow them off. But, this week, I’m on track. I’m going to do it. And, I feel much better.

I work out at a little neighborhood gym called InsideOut. I joined there about 3 years ago, I think. The first 9 months I never went. Finally, I decided I had to do something different because I wasn’t making the 10 minute walk over to the gym. So, I hired Ms. B*tch to train me. It worked. It got me back into working out. We met every Monday morning at 6 AM for about 8 weeks for 30 minutes. Along the way we became friends, and I started to get involved in the little community at the gym. They have awesome classes for spinning, boxing, TRX and rowing. They have other things, too, but those are the main ones I’ve joined. A couple of times, I’ve gone to boot camps that they hold there. It pays to have some variety.


Anyway, I’m usually the late night visitor over there. Tonight, I was there with only one other woman. It was quiet, and I had a good but tough workout. It felt good to get it done. The speed work makes me very alert so I’m probably going to regret the late start. Oh, well. I’m eating some leftover hummus from last night’s dinner with my friend Leah at Petra Cafe. I had worked out last night with heavy weights and my muscles were quivering from fatigue when I lifted my fork. It was a tough one, and I was sore when I started tonight. Tomorrow’s a rest day, though… and it’s jeans day … and it’s Friday.

My friend Mark always says Happy Friday Eve on Thursdays. I’m looking forward to it, and I’m looking forward to the weekend. I don’t have a lot planned, but I know I’ll be lifting weights again on Saturday and running a timed 10K on Sunday. I’m sure I’ll meet some friends for coffee, and I’m having a friend over for dinner Saturday. I can’t wait for my afternoon naps both days. Happy Friday Eve, y’all!

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