Girl Talk: The Wisdom of Curves


I was catching up on reading my Psychology Today magazines this morning, and I grabbed the one from August 2012. It had an article on why big hips make women smarter. Well, hell, I have big hips. I’d like to know about this connection. I have had a love/hate relationship – mostly hate – with my body ever since I started developing. I had the same boobs in the 6th grade that I have now, and I was a tomboy. I did not like all the attention …. for awhile. I eventually started liking the attention when the boys stopped teasing me and started looking.


The article I read was called Eternal Curves: Men “know” something significant about women’s bodies that women don’t. And it all has to do with nature’s mandate to produce children with the greatest array of survival skills. The premise of the article is that women store DHA (Omega-3) fats in their hips. It is not stored in the upper body in the same concentration. DHA is what a baby’s brain needs to develop. The theory is that women with greater butt and hip size have children with healthier brains. In addition, the concentration goes down after each child. So, first-born children tend to be smarter. Ahem… take THAT my over-achieving siblings. Men, in their biological quest to cast their seed, know this inherently. They are obviously not aware of why this is attractive, but their brain is. Studies have shown that when gazing upon curvy women, men’s brains experience the same chemical reaction that is created when using cocaine or heroin. Why wouldn’t they go for it … and keep going for it? Hugh Hefner was no dummy.


The article says that the problem is that today’s food supply is devoid of Omega-3s and is increasingly laden with Omega-6 fats. In order for a woman’s body to get enough and to be satisfied, we must eat more to get the optimal supply. So, our body size has increased. The issue is that men also are attracted to small waists because it generally indicates – in their minds – that a woman has not had childen, and – guess what – his first child will get the lion’s share of the DHA if he plays his cards right. Not very sexy, is it?


I have tried to whittle down my curves, especially my butt and hips for my entire life. For you younger ladies, forget it. It doesn’t work. I tried it, and, if anybody could do it, I could. It can’t be done As the weight comes off, the shape always stays in the same proportions. Your hips and butt may get smaller, but the waist and chest do, too, so you will still be curvy. It’s a useless battle. I could tell body shapes were changing by the availability of clothes for me. I now shop mostly online because stores like Ann Taylor, the Gap and all the trendy stuff haven’t fit me in 15 years. If the butt and hip area fits, the waist is huge. So, I find a store or two that has clothes that fit me, and I just order from them. This low-rise jeans fad was the biggest problem. I wanted so much to wear those hip-hugging jeans, but I couldn’t find any that fit. Levi’s finally came out with their Curve ID jeans designed to fit a curvy woman’s body. I can now rock a pair of jeans in my 50s. And, I feel good wearing them.


Another article in the same magazine urged me to dress in whatever makes me feel good to have more confidence. I’ve started doing that in the last 10 years. I have that famous picture of Marilyn Monroe with her skirt blowing up in my bathroom to remind me every morning to enjoy my body. In that picture, she is so into her sensuality and what she is feeling. I want that everyday. With age has come an acceptance of my curves, and I’ve decided to embrace them. I feel good showing some cleavage, wearing clothes that flatter my curves and donning skirts instead of pants. I think I own two pairs of slacks. I have one pair of leopard-print corduroys which I wear in the winter and a pair of black slacks that I haven’t worn in at least 5 years. I enjoy my clothes because it does make me feel better and more confident. It’s a way of expressing myself. If you don’t believe clothes make a difference in how you feel, put on some sexy lingerie under your regular clothes – or nothing at all – and see what you tap into. I’ll bet you’ll have a lighter step and a sly grin on your face all day.

Now, I’m going for a run. Have a good weekend y’all.

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  1. Hi Sharon

    I was born with hips, and after bearing three children- they are all grown now… I simply adore my hips and curves…. They do give you substance and embraces my maturity…l would never want to go back to my 20’s or 30″s…. I feel so good in my skin now!!!!! I love my ass, its an attention magnet, and even with my clothes off…. I say… WOW!!!!!

    Curves are amazing…. it says I have lived and learned many life lessons…. and the evidence of my lovely children…. Louis, 27… Jasmine, 23… Jessica, 22!!!!!

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