Anticipation, Sweat and Insomnia


I woke up at 3:00 AM and can’t get back to sleep. I hate it when that happens. I’m not surprised, though. When I work out late like I did last night, I wake up after about 5 hours of sleep and can’t get relaxed enough again to sleep. Plus, I’ve got about 5 million things running through my head this morning. I have a tendency toward insomnia, and the summer months are much worse than others. I think the long days keep my system revved up, and it makes it difficult to go to sleep and stay asleep. Add to that a really tough workout in the 95 degree heat, and I’m bound to have a long, sleepless night.

The B*tch told me this week to focus on my workouts. She knows I have a lot going on. I’m leaving tonight after work for Louisiana. That means that, in addition to my workouts, I’ve had to pack, get my house ready, and get the animals ready for cat-sitting and travel. Oh, yeah… I’ve also had to work. I really don’t have time for work. I have to eat, too. For me, that’s no small matter. I don’t do take out except on rare occasions. I cook most of my meals and snacks. That’s a considerable time investment as well. I’ve spent my lunches this week running errands, getting a pedicure, and calling friends about seeing them this weekend. But, I have gotten all my workouts in. I’m so freaking proud of myself.

This week has been the first time in probably 20 something years that I’ve run 4 days in a row. And, it’s been brutally hot. In July, this will seem normal, but my body is not accustomed to it yet. I ran a 10K on Sunday, did a treadmill speed drill with strength training intervals on Monday, a 45 minute run on Tuesday in 97 degree temps and a 3-miler last night with a stop at the gym for a fairly intense TRX body weight workout. Tuesday was the only one I didn’t nail. My body and my dog couldn’t handle the heat. I did the 45 minutes, but I walked 20 minutes of it. The rest of them, I’m very proud to say, I nailed. And, I feel great. I thought I’d be sore after last night’s upper body focus, but I’m not feeling it yet. It could come later today, though. Soreness is not always immediate.

The heat always gets to me when it starts ramping up in the summertime. That was probably one of the things I liked about living in the Pacific Northwest and in the Michiana area. The summers were cool and nice. It did get into the 90s occasionally, but the humidity was nothing like you get here. June 21 is the summer solstice this year. It’s the longest day of the year, and I anticipate it longingly every year. Once we’re over that hump, the days start getting shorter, and my sleep starts getting better. With the onslaught of the first really hot and humid weather this week in Memphis, I’ve also started having hot flashes again. Once the temps reach a certain range, my body goes wacko and can’t decide whether its cool or hot. I finally brought a fan into work, and I’m turning it on and off all day depending on how I feel. One minute I’m burning up. The next I’m chilled. Acupuncture helps tame my body temps, but it’s just a fact of life at my age. I made it worse yesterday by having coffee, and that also impacted my sleep last night. I’ll just never learn.

This weekend I’m headed down to visit friends and family in my hometown. The headline event of the weekend is a BBQ Cook-Off at Double “D” Daiquiri’s. I’m not going for the BBQ, though. Being from Memphis, I’m pretty spoiled on that delicacy. Besides, I don’t really like meat all that much, so it’s not a favorite. I want to hear my old high school friend’s band, Psycho Jo. I’ve missed them several times when I’ve been down, so I’m looking forward to it. My Aunt Carol Ann called me a long time back and asked me to come down for this since my cousin Theresa would be down from Michigan with her crew. They are setting up a tent to shield the sun and we’re meeting there with as many cousins that are able to make it. I made the comment that I hoped it wouldn’t be too hot by 5 PM, and my aunt laughed. “It’s going to be miserable,” she said. I’ll also get to see my cousin Marilyn from my Dad’s side of the family. I called her the other night and laughed the entire time I was on the phone. She’s crazy funny. I can’t wait. Everybody I’ve talked to has mentioned how damn hot it’s going to be, so I’m prepared to sweat. It’ll be a no makeup, minimal clothing, drenched in sweat, sticky sort of day. Did I mention the band will be outside? Why do Southerners plan outside events in the summer? I’ll never understand it. But, we do, and I’m sure it will be a blast.

So, I need to get up off this sofa and get the rest of my stuff packed. I don’t know if I’ll blog this weekend. It’s going to be busy, and I have a circuit workout I have to do and a seven-miler to run. The run will have to be early, early. It’s not going to be any cooler down there than it is here. I just hope I can sleep a little better. I probably won’t have time for my weekend naps, but I’m sure my adrenalin will be pumping from all the laughing I’ll be doing. Ashok gets to go. She doesn’t know it yet. I always think it must be nice to be a dog to not know what’s in front of you. They definitely go with the flow. The good news is that tonight I’ll be in a hotel. I’ll have no cooking, working out or cleaning up to do. I can just go to sleep. Have a good weekend, y’all! Stay cool and get out there and sweat a bit. It’s good for you.

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  1. Try some wine before bed it may help you sleep longer

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