Moving Through Moving … Enjoy the Ride


Today has been a day filled with notes from people who are disappointed that I’m moving and those that are happy to have me back. It’s been rather fun to be in touch and get supported in this decision to move home. It makes me realize just how many friends I have… and how insane I am at times. I’m ping-ponging back and forth between being ecstatic about moving and being in a panic over what I’m about to do. Thankfully, I’ve done this before, so I know it’s part of the drill.

My first move was in a Mercury Lynx with all of my belongings packed into the hatchback. I moved from Watson to Harlingen TX where I was a news reporter for the Valley Morning Star. Only 3 months later, I moved from Harlingen with the same baggage to Monroeville PA to move in with my first husband. After that, moves got more complicated with furniture, sad good-byes, moving vans and complications with jobs and employment. I’d love to just get rid of all my stuff and start over. Sometimes moving all of this stuff around seems silly. But, it’s my stuff, and it would cost a lot more to replace it than it would to move it. So, I’ll move.

We had a meeting at work this morning to talk about job duties that need to be shifted. My team lost two team members to the recent Voluntary Buyout, and another teammate resigned on Tuesday. Half of our team is leaving within a month. It’s a lot for a team to absorb, so they are adapting, too. My last day will be July 8. I start at the new job on July 15. I’m not taking off much time because frankly, I need the money. This will not be cheap. I’ll move in with my brother and his family for a month, a friend is keeping my cats, and I’ll look for a place when I get there. I’ve got my fingers crossed that my house will sell quickly, but I know that I have to anticipate that it may take 6-12 months. Again, I know the drill.

Lauren, an intern that has been working with me may move into my house for awhile so that it’s occupied. I’m having an open house on June 29 for all of my Memphis friends to come by to say their farewells. But, I know I’ll be back in Memphis. I have to pack up my house, and I put down roots here in the last 7 years. I’ll come back to visit for sure. But, I do know that it won’t be the same. It never is. Every move I’ve made, we’ve made promises to stay in touch and visit often, but after a year or two, the distance creates a chasm. Facebook helps, and I have friends that I now regularly visit in other states, but it’s still not the same as running together or grabbing a cup of coffee on the fly.

I have services to cut off, a house to list, gym memberships to cancel, estimates to get on moving and plans that must be made for my temporary hiatus in Baton Rouge. It’s a lot to do, but it’s actually not as bad as it seems. The worst part is dealing with stuff in my house. I want to go through things and get rid of stuff this time. I never do even though I always intend to do it. This time, I’m going to do it. I’m the only decision-maker on whether or not I need to keep things this time, and I’m going to be brutal. If I have any good stuff, I’ll let my friends in Memphis pick it over.

On the other end, I’m already signed up for a Writer’s Workshop that meets every other week in Baton Rouge. I’m so excited. I really want to create a community for my writing. I’ve printed a schedule for 12 step meetings, and I’m checking out the workouts for the Varsity Sports Running Club. Those will be my initial interests in the area. I’ve been introduced via Facebook to a couple of new friends who have similar interests, and I plan to meet up with them. My old friends from college and high school are already setting the stage for some socializing, too. My college community is going on a float trip / hog roast July 4th weekend, and I plan to attend. This weekend, some of my gal pals from high school are coming up to party on Beale Street. I consider these outings an investment in my new life, and I’m excited about them.

I had a friend today contact me and tell me he’s been trying to relocate and keeps getting blocked. “Have you ever had that happen,” he asked. I sure have. I tried to move to Austin while I was in Michigan, and it didn’t happen. I’ve learned to trust the wisdom of the universe about these things. I don’t know what’s in store for me in Louisiana, but I know I’m supposed to be there. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be at this spot so quickly. Last week this time, I didn’t have a clue that this would be happening. I knew it was a possibility, but I certainly didn’t know how possible. Overwhelmingly, people have been supportive. The only people who have played devil’s advocate are those who have never moved, and they don’t have the same experience I’ve had with it. Moving is stressful. It’s a lot of work. It’s expensive. But, it’s just moving. If I don’t like it, I can move again. If I don’t like it, I can make lemonade. No decision is permanent. No matter what happens, there are options. My friend is hearing the Gulf Coast call his name. I told him to go work at a Tiki Bar until he gets something better. There are no rules about moving. People do it all the time with less resources than I do.

I lost my keys this weekend on my visit to Louisiana. Several people texted me and told me to go with the flow. They thought maybe the lost keys were meant to be. Maybe there was some reason I should be stuck there an extra day or two. As it turned out, they were right. The extra days gave me some insight into how connected I was down there. I got to experience the people I knew when I was in need. After two days of their kindness and generosity, I happily accepted the position I was offered. They called on my way home, and I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I lost my keys to my car, but the key to my decision was not lost on me. I hope my house sells quickly so I won’t be as stretched financially, but, if it doesn’t … well … it’ll all work out. God’s got this. Like my friend Gerry told me …. just enjoy the ride.

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50 Something single woman in Michigan who loves the outdoors, people, running and hiking.

2 thoughts on “Moving Through Moving … Enjoy the Ride

  1. Sharon, check out the New Orleans track club. They have a good program and running events you may be interested in. Good luck with the move.
    John I.

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