Day 6: Relocation Mode: Shifting Energy


Whenever I’ve moved, I’ve always envisioned a move like a seesaw. You know the seesaws we used to play on as kids? You always had to have people who were equal-sized on each end. Otherwise, one end would hover too high, and the other end would sit on the ground. As each person pushed off the ground, the seesaw would go up and down. It was always a balancing act. If one side was too heavy, and you couldn’t balance it, it would never move. So, when I move, I work as quickly as I can to release weight on the end that I’m trying to move.

I think of that as shifting energy. Since everything is made up of energy, shifting energy is movement. Yesterday, I started with changing my phone number. I now have a 225 area code on my cell phone number. It felt like the first gigantic step in moving my energy to the other side. Until that point, my address, myself, my job and all my stuff has been rooted in Memphis. I have a job opportunity on the other end of the seesaw, but it’s just an opportunity still. There is nothing else to balance it out. So, changing my number was the first shift. Today, I rented a post office box on the other end and started to change my address on my magazines, credit cards, bank accounts and other miscellaneous accounts. It felt really good to be creating some movement even if it was just something that will happen in the future.

My theory about shifting energy seemed to start working. I spoke with a friend this morning about a creative living situation for the next few months. That would take a huge weight off my shoulders since I’ll be waiting on money from a house sale. I’d been wanting a roommate situation or something inexpensive to tide me over for awhile. It’s not set in stone, but it’s in movement. Then, my friend Lisa called and told me that her son and one of his friends want to take me up on the moving proposal that I blogged about the other day. They will take the train up to Memphis, help me pack up and then drive the truck back down to Louisiana in exchange for some cash, sightseeing in Memphis and a place to stay. It’s a great deal for me, and it seems to be a great deal for them. I’m feeling better.

As the energy started shifting for the move, my energy started shifting, too. A friend was talking to me today about whether or not this is a good move. At this point, I’ll never know, and it’s too late to worry about that. I’m starting to think of it as an adventure. And, when I get in my “adventure” mode, there’s not much that can sidetrack me. Adventures are full of twists and turns, spills and pitfalls and adrenalin-pumping excitement. All of a sudden, my worries about the move are disappearing – not because they are not there – but because my energy around them is shifting. I’m beginning to enjoy the ride. Just like the seesaw, when the movement starts to happen, it’s an up and down proposition but one that is a lot of fun with the right people playing.

My house tonight was filled with friends who either came over and packed or brought us food. I’ve set a limit on the nighttime packing parties this week. They will all be over at 7:30 PM. People arrive at 5:30 or 6. We do some down and dirty packing. Then, they leave as quickly as they came. Everybody still has the night to do whatever they need to, and my house is starting to get packed. Trisha and Lisa packed the guest bedroom tonight, and Trisha took my key so that she can come back later in the week when I’m not home. Apparently, she’s a bit gung-ho. And, I’m not complaining. Sarah and I packed the kitchen. There is still more to pack in the kitchen, but we made a big dent. After grabbing some delicious ribs and chicken that Gerry provided for us, we took a few minutes to clean things up as I have a third showing tomorrow night. So, the house is nice and clean, and I’m ready to call it a night. I still have time to take the dog for a walk and relax for a minute.

Tomorrow, I have some other gals coming over, and we’re going to do some kind of ritual for saying goodbye and moving on. I met two of these women in Wisconsin before I ever moved to Memphis, so they are a part of a journey in several cities with me. If we’d planned to get together in advance, we’d have never made it work, but somehow when I asked for help on Sunday, this group of women could come on Wednesday. I can’t wait. We’ll pack some, but we’ll also shift some energy.  I’m in the process of shifting energy until there is so much loaded on the Baton Rouge end that the seesaw won’t budge. I’ll be settled. For now, I’ll enjoy the ride. I hope the playground is full, and we have a good time as the energy shifts on either end. I’m ready for my adventure. Bring it on ……

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