Day 7: Relocation Mode – Old Routines

IMG_3761I’m hanging out at Starbucks on Sycamore View Road in Bartlett TN waiting on some coffee boxes and killing time while a prospective buyer is looking at my house. I used to work out this way for about 5 years. This Starbucks was my hangout. I’m not much on eating out for lunch. I prefer to bring my lunch and go to Starbucks to get a coffee and eat my homemade fare. So, I came to this Starbucks almost every weekday for five years. I got to know the staff. The manager, Kelli, became a friend of mine. Eventually, some of the baristas did, too. When I posted the other day that I needed boxes, Kelli asked me if I wanted the coffee boxes that they get in their shipment on Wednesday. So, I am here.

I know I seem like an adventurous sort, and I am, but I love routines. I love to have specific places to hang out, and I love to get to know the people there. When I found my dog on Petfinder, I went to the rescue lady’s house to meet her. I was in her house, petting my potential new dog, and one of the baristas from this Starbucks walked in. We looked at each other and laughed. She happened to be the daughter of the rescue lady. I ended up taking Ashok, and we’d always talk about the adventures I was taking my lucky dog on. I hated leaving my Starbucks more than I hated leaving my job when I got the FedEx job. I would be on another side of town, and I’d have to adapt to a new Starbucks. I never did make the switch. I just didn’t connect as well with the people there, and, honestly, I wasn’t as consistent in hanging out.

I ran into my friend John coming through the drive-thru. He didn't know I was moving, but now he does!
I ran into my friend John coming through the drive-thru. He didn’t know I was moving, but now he does!

I’ve been in Memphis for 7 years. I lived in Cordova which is an eastern suburb of Memphis. I never really adjusted there. My marriage was a mess, and I spent most of my time trying to deal with that. My first job here was in Collierville where I work now. I’ve never really gotten used to Collierville either. I don’t really like the lunch places, there are no open spaces to walk in (except behind my building), and there are too many strip malls. It’s just too new. When I separated from my husband, I moved to a duplex in Midtown, and that’s when I really started loving Memphis. It coincided with the acquisition of my new job with Accredo which was a Godsend. The timing was perfect, and I got a 25% pay raise. I didn’t even go look for the job. A recruiter found me, and I just fell into it. I moved into my new apartment the same week I started the job. My routines stayed the same for about 5 years.

When I bought my house 4 years ago, I bought it 7 doors down from my duplex. I loved the area so much that I didn’t want to move far. I had gone to look at a condo in the neighborhood and, on the way back I spotted the flyer on my house. The price was just what I was wanting to pay. They had an Open House the next day, and I bought it. My realtor never even took me to look at anything. She only had to send me an email telling me to look at that house. It was a sweet find. I hope someone else gets equally as lucky when they buy it from me. Of course, I hope it’s these buyers tonight. What a treat that would be! It’s not impossible. I spoke with one of my neighbors this morning that just sold their house. It sold in 7 days with an offer at listing price. Keep your fingers crossed!

Ashok is used to the Starbucks routine
Ashok is used to the Starbucks routine

Change is in the air. My routine is completely changing, and I also know lots of other people who are changing jobs, relocating home, relocating to other areas and retiring. I can’t wait to build my new routine in Baton Rouge. I’m sure there will be a hangout like Starbucks. It may be a different kind of coffeehouse, but I always have to have a place to land to visit with people and hangout when I have time to kill. I have to have a place to blog at lunch, too. I have yet to look up the Starbucks locations around my new office. And, since my living quarters are still up for grabs, I’m not sure of the route I’ll need to drive. If I stay at my brother’s house, the Starbucks at Bluebonnet and Perkins will probably be a good spot to look for me. If you look up the running schedule for the Varsity Sports Running Club, you’ll probably find me at some of their runs. I’m sure I’ll join a gym. I anticipate that I’ll be running around the LSU Lakes when I’m running alone. I’m still trying to find a place to kayak, but the Tickfaw River might be a good spot. Stay tuned….. if you’re in the Baton Rouge area, let’s meet up somewhere.  I’d like to see some of your favorite spots. They might become mine, too.

They gave Ashok a Puppocino - whipped cream!
They gave Ashok a Puppocino – whipped cream!

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50 Something single woman in Michigan who loves the outdoors, people, running and hiking.

3 thoughts on “Day 7: Relocation Mode – Old Routines

  1. Sharon, I am so glad you are going to continue your blog after you move so we can stay connected. Like you, I love adventure – and routine. My morning walks in Overton Park for the past 16 years help me! Hopefully you will find many green spaces and coffeehouses populated with interesting, friendly people in Baton Rouge!
    xo Leah

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