Day 12: Relocation Mode – Saying So Long for Now

I’ve laughed with friends all weekend about how fast this move is falling into place. I’m sure a month from now, I will talk to people who have no idea I’ve moved. I haven’t had a chance to call anybody. If they aren’t on Facebook or don’t read my blog, they have no idea that I have 24 hours left as a Memphian. I told you I’m a pro at moving! Of course, I’ve had a lot of help – unbelievable help – but I do know how to get from one place to another in a hurry. I’m not exactly sure if that’s a desired skillset, but I have it. Perhaps I should be a consultant for fugitives from the law. There’s got to be a way to make this talent useful.

My patience was being tried all weekend. My showing on Sunday apparently went well, and my realtor said I should be getting an offer in a day or two. A day or two? Does this guy know how much of a hurry I’m in? If I found a house I wanted, I’d have to make an offer that day or it would drive me insane. I’m sure my new boss was astounded when I didn’t even take 5 minutes to think about his job offer. If I make my mind up, I am compelled to just git ‘er done.  That doesn’t mean I won’t have buyer’s remorse or some emotional fallout, but I am a bit impulsive. Okay …. ok …. I’m very impulsive. I’ve read that my ENFP personality profile can be described as ready – fire – aim. I have to say that it works for me. Sure, I’ve made some bad decisions, but many of those I would’ve made anyway. And, I can’t say I regret anything. So, I wait …. for … this …. offer so that I can at least start dreaming of being free to go. I hope he’s the generous sort.

Gerry texted me just in time for me to join him for coffee at his riverfront condo with the awesome view!
Gerry texted me just in time for me to join him for coffee at his riverfront condo with the awesome view!

I also got a text from the owner of the little house I’m falling in love with, and it looks like it may have been rented this weekend by another couple. I didn’t even get a chance to look at it. They said they would text me when they knew for sure, so it still may be available. I’m already thinking of alternatives. After all, it’s only 24 hours until I’ll need a place to stay. I’ve worked out an arrangement with an old friend to dog-sit his dog while he goes to work in Texas for a couple of months. I’ll stay in his condo – and my pets are welcome – take care of his dog and pay minimal rent. To boot, his condo is located over a gym. Sweet … sweet … sweet …. I just love it when a plan falls into place. The pieces are still moving with every hour that passes, so I’m not sure this is where it will all end up, but it looks like I will have a place to stay this week. One day at a time is the way to look at it. Plus, this weekend, I hope to be partying with my college buddies somewhere in the woods. It will be a well needed respite.

I was 4 for 4 on my Memphis bucket list this weekend plus I had some added surprises. I actually met a couple of my blog readers for the first time this weekend. That was fun. I love it that I’m building community up until the last day I’m in town …. and I have this blog to thank. That is pretty cool. Sunday was beautiful. Sunny with cool temps – I felt like I was in San Diego. I have to say that I was having second thoughts thinking about the heat in Baton Rouge. I had my Open House on Saturday, and I bought some of those awesome French pastries from La Baguette. I had several, and Ashok ate the rest while I was out to dinner. She looks like she ate a whale. I came home to a torn up box and a half-eaten cinnamon roll on the floor. I guess the cinnamon roll wasn’t as good as the other delicacies that she consumed. She was on a sugar high all night. I was, too, as I had the most sinfully delicious coconut cake at The Beauty Shop. Yummy!

So, tomorrow is my last day at work. It was a short stint, and I feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to work there. But, it’s my last day in Corporate America. I’ve worked in it all my life. I’m done. There will be politics and BS in higher education, I’m sure. But, I’m ready for something different. This is a dream I’ve had for a very long time. I’ve wanted to work where my expertise – learning and development – is the core product. It’s a cost of doing business in Corporate America, and that makes it at least a second priority and often a last priority. I want to be where I can grow my skills and see an impact on the business from what I do.

I’m looking forward to the next chapter…. whatever it may bring. I know it will bring mosquitoes, alligators, humidity and lots of laughs. I hope it brings a whole lot more. I’m already kidding my parents that I’m only going to give them my PO Box number so they can’t find where I live. I’m having to explain why I can’t live next door to my niece and nephew. They are all excited because I can now take them to track meets and gymnastics. My life is about to change. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. I’ll bet I don’t get a wink of sleep tonight, and I really don’t care.

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50 Something single woman in Michigan who loves the outdoors, people, running and hiking.

2 thoughts on “Day 12: Relocation Mode – Saying So Long for Now

  1. Goodbye Sharon, I pray all goes well for you..
    you know, I havent seen anything about the Myers-Brigg Personality Profile since was in Undergrade..

    I am also a ENFP TYPE…. I love excitement……
    I agree with you…. I do not belong in CORPORATE AMERICA…. too much structure.

    Good Luck!!!!!
    Many Blessings!!!!!!


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