I Can’t Believe I Did This!!

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On June 7th, I wrote in a blog that I was getting the itch to move. Honestly, I’d already had the first interview for the job I just accepted in Baton Rouge, but I really wasn’t all that interested in it. My sights were starting to set on Austin TX. I have a few friends there, and I LOVE that city. In that blog, I wrote:

I know that some kind of change is percolating. I feel it in my bones. It may be that I’ll just have some changes in lifestyle in Memphis. It may be that I’ll eventually move. Right now, it’s just an interesting phenomenon that I’m starting to think about moving again. I said I would never leave here. I committed. I refinanced my house this spring. But, God and my soul don’t follow nevers and shoulds. If it’s supposed to happen, something will fall in my lap. Or, I may just all of a sudden become really comfortable with taking a risk. If it’s meant to be, my house will sell, the job will open, and the pieces will fall into place. If it’s not, it won’t. And, I won’t argue with either one because it doesn’t make any sense to. I’ll adjust myself to reality and go with the flow.

It happened just like I thought it would. I thought Austin might happen, though. My friends Jascia, Jessica and Sarah all started texting me about Austin. Jascia and I planned a trip for July 4th to check out the town. Jessica and I started talking about business ideas for the future. And, I set up some job agents for the Austin area. But, God has a sense of humor. He knows what pushes my buttons. When I got to Louisiana exactly one week after I wrote that blog for the second interview, I fell in love with the office that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. I loved the women who will be on my team. The job is exactly what I’d been wanting in my heart of hearts. And, they even came through on the salary … something I never thought higher education would be able to match. But, the kicker was that I lost my freaking keys and had to stay two extra days. That was when I fell in love with my hometown and the people there. By the time they called on my drive back to Memphis, I didn’t even have to think about it. He said the magic number, and I immediately said, “Yes.” I do make impulsive decisions.

Here’s the unbelievable timeline:

  • June 18 – Accepted offer from LCTCS
  • June 20 – Gave notice to FedEx
  • June 20 – Signed listing agreement with Sowell Realty
  • July 1 – Last Day at FedEx  and arrived in Baton Rouge
  • July 3 – Signed contract on sale of house
  • July 9 – Located future domicile

In two weeks from the date I accepted the job, I had moved here and sold my house. Now, I still haven’t closed, and I have to go back to Memphis to get my household contents, but that’s just details. I start work on Monday. I’ll move in my new place on July 28 and close on the old one on August 23 – God willing and the creek don’t rise. I can’t believe it. It makes my head spin to think about it. I texted God about it this morning:

I have said that I know how to move. I actually had no idea that I could do it this fast. Sometimes I even surprise myself. When I looked at that calendar on June 20 and realized how close July 15 was, I panicked. But, I have some awesome friends. They just jumped right in for the challenge. When I finally had a chance to breathe, and I had my meltdown this Monday, my sister called me. “Do you want me to come tomorrow,” she asked. “Yes.” I blubbered through my tears. She told me she had been waiting for it. She’d been reading the blog and just decided not to call until she saw the first evidence of the emotional meltdown. She knows me. When she saw the blog on Monday, she took the cue. My phone rang off the hook on Monday. I got emails from friends. Everyone was really supportive. My friend Sarah told me she would have thought something was wrong if it DIDN’T hit me. Moving is stressful. I have this great focus where I can bulldoze through tasks and get things done. But, I always know that as soon as the pressure is off, the emotions will slam me like a tsunami. Thank heavens for friends who know me.

Photo Jul 10, 10 28 25 AM
It was 102 degrees at 10:30 AM .. ugh

I went on my first run in Baton Rouge last night with Happy’s Running Club. They leave from Happy’s Irish Pub on 3rd Street. My friend Bobbi Jo is one of the organizers, and I was stunned when she told me that about 300 people would be there. On a Tuesday night? Every week? That’s a popular running club. I got to mile 2 in the 5K, and I stopped at the aid station. It looked like they had tea to drink. I asked what it was. “Well, the one on the right is bourbon and Red Bull, and the one on the left is tequila and Red Bull,” the volunteer said. I laughed and ran off. This move would go south in a hurry if I started drinking.

I met a guy from Cleveland at the party after the run. He’s lived here quite awhile, and he talked about people that hate on Baton Rouge. I knew people in Memphis that hated on Memphis. I have lived all over, and I’ve found that a place is what you make of it. If you’re looking for a disappointment, you’ll find it. If you’re looking for a great place to live, you’ll find that, too. I always loved Memphis. I just let people rant about it. I didn’t argue or try to change their minds. My brother told me he was prepared to hate Baton Rouge when he moved back from Tennessee, but he loves it here. I’m prepared to love it here. I have no idea what that will look like. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be here for a reason, or if God is just letting me try it on for size. It doesn’t matter. I’m going to have an open mind and keep a smile on my face. I think I’d better get in the habit of asking what I’m drinking, though. They do things a bit differently here.

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4 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe I Did This!!

  1. I’m not sure how I found your blog but it pops up on Facebook now and then. God does bring us where we need to be, and as another midlife lady, I have enjoyed reading what you write. I live in Baton Rouge so I was excited to see you’ve moved here, or back here, I’m not sure. Anyway, welcome to our fair city, and other than the traffic and the heat, it is a pretty nice place. Hope you find life here divine!

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