The Final Shift of Energy

Some Memphis Friends during the Move

I talked to Michael yesterday morning after I posted the blog about him. I was telling him that I still felt a bit frazzled, and I will be really glad to get my belongings this weekend and move into my house. I can’t complain. This move has had a couple of tiny hiccups but everything …. I mean everything major (knock on wood) … has gone like clockwork. I feel less stressed during this quick move than I have ever felt in a relocation. I’m sleeping like a baby and have been from the first week I got here. That has NEVER happened. I think part of that is I’ve changed the way I handle stress over the years, and I credit my 12 step program for that. A significant part of it is that this move feels like coming home. It feels less like a relocation than it does setting things back the way they were. Truly, that’s what it is.

Momma enjoyed reading my blog Eat Baton Rouge 101. She said Jean Ann and I are eating lunch at all of her favorite lunch places that she and her best co-worker friend lunched at for years. My friend Ray introduced me to his BR friends last week. My friend Denise has been sending me names and numbers of her friends for me to contact. My sister hooked me up with a friend of hers on Facebook, and she sent me an email last night telling me that she wants to introduce me to a friend of hers. I have so many potential new friends in the works that I don’t have time to get back to them all right now. I’m having to slow myself down on meeting people – it’s my favorite part of moving to a new town – because I have so much business to take care of right now. I’m staying with my friend Jean Ann right now, and it’s been so relaxing and fun to be in her laid back, animal-friendly home. I cooked dinner for them last night, and she helped me take care of a hot spot on my dog. I’m family here even if there is no blood relation.

Michael suggested at some point that I go back and read my blogs starting about two months ago to see the transition and how it’s impacted me. He said my writing shows that I feel much more relaxed now than I did at first. I do know that writing the blog has helped me focus on the positive. That’s been truly helpful. I would describe the difference in this move as energetic. When I’ve moved in the past, I’ve set out on my own and I have to blaze my own trail. If I want to meet people, I have to get my energy up, introduce myself, start conversations and initiate follow-up gatherings. As an extravert, it’s not that difficult to do because my energy is increased when I get around people. This time, the people are coming to me. I don’t have to go through that initial phase of seeking it out. It’s really comforting, and it makes a HUGE difference for me. I don’t have the energy to make friends right at this moment because my energy is tied up in buying used laundry appliances, getting my pets settled and learning a new job. It would be another month or so before I could really focus on building friendships, and those relationships are so important to me. Without close connections with people, my energy gets depleted. In the past, I’ve had to rely a lot more on phone calls back to my previous place of residence and old friends and family to get connection. It’s so much easier on me to have people calling me to initiate connection. That has made a world of difference in this relocation, and I am very grateful.

Some of my friends in Memphis

Thursday night or Friday morning, I’m going to load up Pursy with my bearded musician movers and drive back to Memphis to get my belongings. I told Michael that I was dreading it, and I needed him to help me reframe it. He emphatically said that moving is the most exciting part! I asked him to explain that because I just see it as drudgery and a lot of hard work. He said, for him, that is the part where the move becomes real. It’s the biggest step in moving forward. I’m going to piggyback on his excitement. I’m going to wrap my mind around this being the most exciting step in the process even if I don’t feel it. I know that sitting in my empty house is going to be the most emotional time for me. It always is. I love that house. I truly loved that house. It had a spiritual connection to me. But, there will be other wonderful houses in my future. I remember when I wanted to relocate to Seattle, and I had just bought this beautiful condo in Knoxville. I almost didn’t make the move because I loved that place. Someone told me to know that there will be other houses I would love. They were right. I would’ve have missed out on that Memphis house if I’d stayed in Knoxville. There will be other lovely homes that I will love in Baton Rouge or wherever else I end up. I’ve been told that the new buyer is very excited about buying this house. He will love it, and that makes me feel less like I’m abandoning it.

This week is a big week of transition. In a few weeks, I’ll be closing on the house in Memphis, but I don’t have to be there. So, this is it. I’m having breakfast with my gal pal Trisha, staying Friday night with my friend Rosemary and going to one of my old meetings on Saturday. If you are a friend of mine in Memphis, please feel free to stop by the house on Friday. I’ll be there with my bearded musician friends before they go out to party on Beale Street. I’d love to see you. I promise you don’t have to help move unless you want to. When I drive away on Saturday afternoon, I know I will need Kleenex. I feel my feelings these days, and it’s with mixed emotions that I leave my beloved Memphis. But, I know that I have a home in Baton Rouge that is being built for me. The foundation was laid 52 years ago, and I’m finally opening the doors to all of my friends that have been so patiently waiting for my arrival. I just have to get the coffee pot so I can sit down and chat.

My New/Old Friends in Baton Rouge


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