Girl Talk: Witnessing the Ritual of Male Bonding

This blog is one of my favorites because the weekend was so fun. Honestly, it was the start of my heartstrings pulling me home. Because of this blog, I found my college roommate that I’d not seen in 30 years. I posted this on a Sunday evening, and I remember Monday watching my blog map light up with readers in small towns all over the south – Palatka, Breaux Bridge, Houma, Henderson, Ville Platte, Dothan, Hammond, Denham Springs, Ponchatoula, Picayune. My college pulled small town students from all over the south but most especially from Mississippi and Louisiana. It was a fun day for me, and I felt welcome.

Midlife Moments

I went to my college Homecoming yesterday. I had some mixed feelings about going. I haven’t been in 30 years, and I hadn’t really kept up with people from college for a variety of reasons. But, I’d been catching up with some people on Facebook and was, frankly, curious. What would it feel like to go back there and see those people again? I haven’t even gone to my high school reunions, so I’ve never experienced that whole “reunion” experience. So, I went.

The school I went to was Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond LA. I was an English Education major with a minor in Journalism. My God, it has been a long time. I’m now one of those old farts that the students see at Homecoming and probably think, “Don’t they have a life?Why are they coming back here?” I thought it back then when I was…

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