Who Are They Burying In Watson Today? and other Small Town Oddities

This blog – like yesterday’s – is one of my favorites because of the comments and people I connected with. One of the benefits about blogging that I didn’t expect is that it has helped me build community in a big way. It’s a pain in the butt to post comments on WordPress, so a lot of people don’t do it. I really appreciate the ones that go through the time and effort to write one. But, I also hear from people in all kinds of ways, and I treasure those contacts. Life is busier than ever, but in the past year I have made more new friends and rekindled old relationships than I have at any point in my life. This blog is special because it reconnected me to a lot of my history and my childhood friends. There’s just something about those connections and experiences that are everlasting. I guess gratitude is what I feel about this one when I read the comments here. It’s just sweet, y’all.

Midlife Moments


My childhood friend, Robbie, posted “Who are they burying in Watson today?” on his Facebook wall today. A couple of jokesters posted some funny things like a dead person and not me, but they are obviously not native Watsonians, or they are a part of the younger generation where the small town feel has been expunged with the influx of foreigners (Baton Rouge people) that have taken over my hometown. A true Watson native would know that you just answer the damn question so they can get on the phone and call their relatives to find out what happened.


My high school English teacher, Ms. Lester, posted in response, “Your question reminds me of a time in my early years of teaching at LOHS (Live Oak High School). I came from Baton Rouge, so I was not used to knowing everything that went on in town. One…

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2 thoughts on “Who Are They Burying In Watson Today? and other Small Town Oddities

  1. This was the first blog of yours that I read. As a Watson native who has moved away from home, it brought me to tears. You are a beautiful person who’s soulful writing touches me.

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