In Memoriam – Mike King 1961 – 1979

My friend Tammie approached me about writing this blog for my cousin Mike’s Mom. The anniversary of his death was coming up. I had a great time interviewing some of my childhood friends and working with Mrs. Jane and Tammie to get pics together. After it published, Mrs. Jane called me and said she would read it everyday to read the comments that everyone posted. It gave her great joy to see how beloved and revered her son was. I couldn’t wait to see her once I got here, but she died the week I got down. I was so glad we did this when we did it. They can all read it together now from heaven.

Midlife Moments

One of the most memorable weekends of my childhood was Easter weekend of 1979, my senior year. It is 34 years ago this week. I will never forget that Easter Sunday when my family drove in our driveway from camping at some lake in Louisiana. The next few days would be my first brush with death. And, as far as death was concerned, it was probably in line with a massacre. In that little town of Watson where everyone is related in some fashion or other, we lost three fathers and two children in two separate drowning accidents. My best friend, Angie, lived next door to me, and her father and little brother drowned on a camping trip in South Louisiana along with two other men. For most of the weekend, I was tied up with Angie’s family as we were all very close. In the midst of dealing with…

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