Does a Chicken Need a Motive?

Why did you move here?

Did a job bring you here?

Did a man bring you here?

What brought you here?

I’ve heard some twist on this question a million times since I moved here on July 2. I struggle with it a bit. There was not really one thing that moved me here with the exception of my car, but I’m thinking the asker’s question is not that literal. When I first started thinking about moving, I was just thinking about moving. I didn’t have a destination in mind. In fact, moving home was kind of a last resort. I hate the heat down here. I like excitement, and I’ve already been here …. done that.

Today was nice. It was in the 80s, and I spent several hours with my friend Gretchen out by the pool at her health club. Only twice did I get hot enough to take a dip in the pool. I’d never met Gretchen before. We’ve talked on the phone and chatted on Facebook numerous times since I blogged about our alma mater in October last year. But, today is the first day we laid eyes on each other. I also found out she is a poet. We talked about writing a bit and how it came into our lives and what we are doing to develop our skills. I met another new friend for coffee at the Garden District Coffee House this afternoon. After conversing for awhile, I asked her what she does for a living. She’s a writer! How cool is that? I met a real live “I write for a living” writer! And, she moved here exactly one week before I did. Today was a good day. It was one of those well, this is why I moved here days.

My Dad has released a book called Tiger Beat, and he’s having a book signing party on Thursday night at T.J. Ribs in Baton Rouge. So far, over 150 people have signed up to come celebrate his new venture and get a signed copy of his book. The Advocate advertised the event this morning, and the general public is invited between 7:30 and 9:00 PM on Thursday night. So, if you want to come out, and you’re in the Baton Rouge area, come on out, buy one of Daddy’s books and party with us. The publisher said he’s never talked to so many rednecks in his life. A bunch of my cousins, aunts and uncles are coming, too. It’s going to be a family redneck Tiger fan affair. I’d like to show that publisher what a blast a Louisiana redneck party can be. But, I’d need your help to do that. So, come on. I think it’s pretty damn exciting that my 75 year old Dad is releasing a book about his sportswriting life on the Tiger beat.

I took a walk in my neighborhood so I could show you some pics of Baton Rouge and where I live. I live in the Capital Heights area. Capital Heights is a one way street that goes through the Mid-City area. It’s really cute. The pics I’ve included here are from my walk. I’ve been walking my dog in the mornings and at night, and I’ve noticed how many kitties are out and about. Midtown Memphis was the same way. The street has bike lanes on both sides, and I see lots of bikers riding around at all times of night and day.  The houses are mostly small but really cute. They have their own personalities. It feels safe and quaint, and I like that. I was afraid I’d miss walking around my neighborhood like I did in Memphis for years. I’m starting to adapt here, but this isn’t why I moved here either.

Why did I move here?

  • I did get a new job, but, honestly, the job didn’t come get me, so the job was a piece I put in place on my own.
  • I did move back home, but that wasn’t the only reason I’m here.
  • I do like Baton Rouge, but, honestly, I know very little about it. I’m learning about it along the way.
  • I didn’t move here for the weather. Period.
  • I loved Memphis, so I didn’t move because I was running from anything.

Photo Aug 18, 5 00 02 PM

Honestly, I’m more like the chicken than I’d like to admit. Why did the chicken cross the road? The chicken’s motive was actually very simple …. Why did Sharon move to Baton Rouge? To move … to shake things up a bit … for something to do … I don’t know.  I guess I think it sounds a little silly, but it’s the truth. I was ready for a move, and this just seemed to end up as the destination. And, frankly, it’s easier to move somewhere where I know people than it is to move somewhere I don’t. I don’t think I really had some big plan. It just turned out this way … simple as that.

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