Greek and Lesbian Food


When I got to Baton Rouge, I noticed an inordinate number of Greek and Lesbian food restaurants. I don’t remember having those when we were kids growing up in this area, but, honestly, we didn’t spend a lot of time in Baton Rouge. My sister loves them, so, when she’s visiting, we lunch at Arzi’s, Serop’s, Roman’s or Albasha. She always gets the Chicken Schwarma plate. It is really good healthy food. And, I love hummus, so I love to go there when she’s in town.

What I don’t understand is why there are so many here. The French and Spanish settled the area, and I was not aware that the Greek population was so heavy that there would be so many restaurants. And, I definitely don’t understand the lesbian food connection. First of all, I have several lesbian friends, and they seem to eat the same food that I eat. I’ve eaten sliders, cajun food, pho and Italian food with my lesbian friends. Now that I think about it, we’ve never even eaten Greek food. Perhaps this is a marketing strategy for these Greek restaurants to appeal to the lesbian population.

Greek and Lesbian Food

I’ve been curious about it, so I’ve frequented Roman’s Cafe which is near my house several times. I’ve been in there with my sister and alone. Not once have I ever been offered the lesbian menu nor have I been asked if I was a lesbian. How do they know? Perhaps I’m supposed to tell the server when they come to my table, “Hi, I’m a lesbian. I’d like to see the lesbian menu.” And why would they have a separate menu? That seems a bit discriminatory.

Then, this morning when I went on my run, I ran on the LSU campus. There was an entire parking lot for Greeks only. Well, WTF? I didn’t see any parking for other nationalities. What is the special thing here for Greeks? They even had a whole row of homes by the lake that had banners flying out front that were obviously in Greek. Was LSU founded by a Greek? Is there a large population of Greeks here that have the money to make private parking and even private streets? Then, I really got irritated when I realized that I did not see one parking lot for lesbians. If this area is trying to appeal to the lesbian population, why are they not offering parking or housing. It just seems a bit one-sided and not very well planned.

The longer I’ve thought about it today, the more I realize this just does not make sense, and it’s really not fair. How can a restaurant focus on two groups of people and not cater to others? Where are the gay food restaurants? What about African-American food? What about runners? How about catering to the blind? And, it would definitely make sense down here to cater to the French and the Spanish as they were the ones that settled the damn place to begin with.

I don’t get it. Can any of my lesbian friends clue me in? What is lesbian food, and why is it so special? I believe I’ll take a bunch of my girlfriends in and demand the lesbian menu. How can they tell if we’re lesbian or not?

7 Comments on “Greek and Lesbian Food

  1. You’re silly! But, if any culture were to embrace the lesbians, the Greeks make the most sense. 🙂

  2. You are such a goofball!! I love this lighthearted nonsense though. It’s good to see your whimsical side shining through this morning.

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