Road Trip: Miracle Meats, Boudreaux and Thibodaux

A project at work has made it necessary for my teammates and I to make some site visits at the schools across the state of Louisiana. We started planning last week, and today was the beginning of the intra-state tour. Our first site visit was in Schriever LA, a town I’d never visited Southeast of Baton Rouge. Tiffany, Jennifer and I packed up our work tools and headed out this morning around 10 AM. We laughed when we got into Sugar Cane country and saw an alligator road kill. None of us had never seen that before, so we did a U-turn to get a close-up pic.

Tiffany had her phone GPS tuned into the address of the school, and I navigated while we talked about what we needed to accomplish, the project as a whole and a few personal topics. We started looking for a lunch stop when we were about 15 minutes from our destination. Lunch would be in Thibodaux, the home of the Nicholl’s State Colonels. I texted my friend Ken who is from Thibodaux to ask about a lunch place and to let him know I was in his neck of the woods. But, alas, I didn’t hear from him until much later in the afternoon. After spotting some chain restaurants, I said in no uncertain terms that I was not eating at a Chili’s in Thibodaux. I googled “restaurants, Thibodaux” and came up with a place called Fremin’s from a restaurant review site. As we walked up, I knew this was going to be good. The placard outside had the lunch special scrawled on it, and, if nothing else, the meat and two looked pretty darn amazing.

The place was charming inside, and, Mandy, our waitress gave us some suggestions and brought us some French Bread that is made in the restaurant. It was wrapped in a little brown paper wrapper and served with whipped butter, chipotle butter and some kind of infused olive oil. I asked Jennifer if she heard what the olive oil was infused with, but she hadn’t heard her say either. “All I know is it tastes like flowers,” she added … and she was right. We ate two loaves of the crispy white bread dipped in the flowery olive oil and butters before our meal arrived. I had a Caesar Salad with homemade salad dressing and Smoked Duck and Andouille Gumbo. Down here, they say food is so good, “it’ll make you slap yo’ Mama”, and my Mama better be glad she wasn’t around. She’d have been slapped for sure. After I licked the bowl, I wished I wasn’t cutting out sugar because they had a marvelous dessert tray. But, alas, I stuck to my guns and just drooled on the dessert tray instead of partaking

One of our colleagues in our meeting suggested that we stop at a specialty meat store on the way home and get some beef jerky. So, we headed back the way we came and when we got to Thibodaux, we started looking for the meat shop. Jennifer thought it was Bergeron’s, and I thought it was Bordelon’s. But, when I googled it on my phone, it was Bourgeois. I think that name uses every vowel in the alphabet. We’d actually seen the sign on the way in that said “Miracles in Meat.” That made me laugh out loud. So, we go into this miracle store and meet Kanna, our salesperson. We asked her what to get besides the beef jerky. She suggested we get the boudin burritoes. I bought some of those and 1/2 pound of beef jerky. Jennifer wanted to try their andouille sausage, and it was not cooked. But, Kanna, our miracle meat salesperson said she would cook it up for us, and she did. OMG … when I put that stuff in my mouth, I said, “Give me a pound .. no, make that two.” Jennifer bought 4 pounds. Then she brought out some turkey hogshead cheese. Now, for you squeamish people, it’s not actually made from a hogs head even though it was a long time ago. It’s a savory mix of spices, veggies and meat that is served cold and used as a spread. This stuff Kanna gave us was unbelievable! Mama would have gotten slapped twice in one day if she’d been with us. But, I’d already exceeded my meat budget for the day, and I said I’d come back by another time and get some of that spice stuff that talked to me all the way home. Now I regret not buying some.

When I walked out of the meat market, there sat a white van with a German Shepherd in the driver’s seat. I laughed out loud and had to take a picture. As we were shooting pictures of this dog who appeared as if he’d driven over to the meat market, his Thibodaux Daddy came out. He had a beef stick in his mouth and his dog took it right out of his mouth. We asked the dog’s name, and he said Boudreaux. Well, of course it is..….. what else would you name a dog from Thibodaux? As we drove out of town, a white van flew past us and honked it’s horn. Bye, Boudreaux! See ya next time.

2 Comments on “Road Trip: Miracle Meats, Boudreaux and Thibodaux

  1. Fun!! Sara and I ate at Fremin’s on Tuesday when we visited Fletcher. SO GOOD!! The oil was infused with Lemon & Mint on Tuesday, maybe it was the same on Wednesday. It was “flowery”. We didn’t see Boudreaux or visit the meat market, but I’m heading back down there in November so I maybe I’ll get another chance. Hopefully the road kill won’t still be there.

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