In Search of Comfort

Furry comfort
Furry comfort

Today, in hindsight, was driven by a search for comfort. I woke up at about 3:30 this morning because I drank a cup of coffee yesterday afternoon. I knew it would happen when I drank it, and I drank it anyway. So, this morning when my eyes popped open, instead of getting aggravated, I giggled. “Well, good morning COFFEE!!” I said aloud. I sort of fell back to sleep, but I never really got back to a deep sleep in the next hour and a half. I was in and out and having a really weird dream about going to a party where we all stripped off our clothes. Getting comfortable, maybe?

Last night I ran. I am so freaking excited. It wasn’t an all out run. I ran/walked for 3 miles. But, I did it. It is the first time I’ve done so in about 2 months without pain. I could feel my hip a little, but I was able to get through the whole run without stopping. I have missed it so. And, last night it wasn’t too cold. This morning when I woke up at my coffee’s urging, it was pouring down rain. When I got up at 5 AM to walk to my dog, it was pouring down rain. I put on my rain boots, grabbled an umbrella and walker her. I didn’t dress warm enough, and I was shivering and wet. Ugh …. I’m so sick of this.

Comfort for my tummy ....
Comfort for my tummy ….

At lunchtime, I needed to go out, and I was craving a mocha. I wanted more coffee even though I know my eyes may pop open at 3:30 in the morning. I went to Brew HaHa on Jefferson. They have the most amazing cake balls. And, they have the King Cake flavors now. They melt in your mouth, and it’s just enough to be yummy without killing you for the rest of the day. I got my $7 snack and headed back to the office. I savored the chocolatey coffee until it was all gone. There’s just never enough of it in those cups. I’m always really saddened by that last sip.

Comfort for my hip....
Comfort for my hip….

It got colder as the day wore on, and my hip began to hurt a little. It seems to be the sitting after the running that causes my bursitis to start aching. I put some Biofreeze on it. That icy gel has become my new best friend. It mimics ice in the muscle without the coldness and hassle of an ice bag. I also did a little stretching, and the pain subsided. By the time I left for the day, it wasn’t hurting at all. But, it was really cold outside when I left the office. I got home to walk the dog, and I bundled up in two layers and my big down parka. I wasn’t going to freeze again. While I was out, I started thinking about dinner. My friend Jo Ann’s husband had made some Cowboy Cabbage on Sunday, and I had brought some home. That sounded warm and yummy. I was so mad when I looked in the refrigerator and realized I’d forgotten it. I texted Jo Ann, and she said she had eaten it tonight … Traitor... luckily, I had cabbage and andouille sausage. I could make a reasonable facsimile.


I wanted sweet potatoes but I didn’t want to wait on them, so I sliced up a plantain and sauteed it in some Avocado Oil. I took a salmon patty out of the freezer and cooked that up for my fish for the week. All of it was comfort food, and I couldn’t wait to sit down and eat it. I even put a dollop of fig jam on top of the plantains to make them a little sweeter. It was yummy. For dessert, I decided to make some of my homemade hot chocolate. I hate that powdered stuff. It has too much sugar and just doesn’t taste right. I melt a dark chocolate bar (or 1/2 of a big one) in milk and add a few drops of vanilla and a teaspoon of cane syrup. It’s is so unbelievably good. It’s like liquid candy, and, actually it really is liquid candy. And, if that’s not good enough, I topped it off with whipped cream. YUMMY!!! Talk about comfort now….

I grabbed a yoga blanket, my computer and jumped on the chaise for some blogging. My dog and my cat, Buster, just as quickly jumped on me. They are in search of comfort too. I have one snoring and the other one purring right now. And, darn it, if I’m not already reaching the bottom of that hot chocolate as I write this. But, there’s more chances for comfort to come. Momma’s quilt is on my bed, and as soon as I can settle in, I’ll be bundled up underneath that pansy pattern for a night of zzzzzzz’s. In case you are wondering, it’s still pouring down rain with a good dose of thunder. Night, y’all. I think my search is over…. or at least the time has run out and the day is gone. The gym comes early in the morning…. see ya there.

My Favorite Comfort Food
My Favorite Comfort Food

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    • I’m good. Honestly, like everywhere I have good days and bad days. I’ll be glad when it starts getting warm so I can get outdoors. Last year was messed up because I was so exhausted from moving. The thought of packing anything in my car was not attractive. This year… Game on!

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