A Float Down Faussee Rivere


Some days start on a high note and just keep getting better, and today was one of those days. I got up early this morning with my dog whimpering for some unknown reason. It was 5 AM, and all I can figure is she knew that something was up and was eager for it to begin. I got up because I was excited and couldn’t sleep. I was going kayaking with my friends Jo Ann and Robbie at False River, and I wanted to get going. Jo Ann texted me about 5 minutes after I woke up, “Good morning sunshine”…”I’m packing” I replied. I was already throwing stuff in my backpack so I could get out the door.

Town of New Roads. (Click on the photos for captions.)

After searching for my damn keys for about 20 minutes, picking up my kayak at my brother’s house and claiming a Venti Mocha with no whip, I was off – like a herd of turtles. False River was created when the Mississippi River changed course in 1722 and left a horseshoe-shaped lake. The French named it Faussee Rivere or False River. The community New Roads was a community that was literally built at the end of a “new road” a long time ago. My friends told me that the lake has two classes. The rich folks live on one side, and the other side is where the poor folks live. We were not on the rich folks’ side, but it was pretty nice where we were. We drove over to the affluent area and had lunch and walked around New Roads shopping and sightseeing. We ate at Satterfield’s as we watched watched some young people glide by on stand up paddleboards. Jo Ann and I split a dish that had fried eggplant skewers topped with crawfish etouffee. It was delicious. The new potatoes drenched in butter were almost as good if not better than the entree.

Random Pics..

We got our kayaks out for the first time this year. It took us all awhile to get into the routine of getting them off the racks and getting our gear together, but we finally got out on the water when the temp had reached about 57 degrees. I was hoping for 70, but it was not to happen. Jo Ann had given me some Frog Toggs to wear on our outing. These “toggs” are some amazing type of fabric that keeps the water out but lets air in. The holes in the fabric are 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water according to the marketing. That’s pretty dang small. Anyway, I donned those and my new Vibrams for my 2014 virgin kayak voyage. We launched down on the pier and paddled down the lake to a canal. Fishing camps lined the banks of the canal, and we slowly made our way until the dwellings got sparse and we got tired. It was a pretty day, and the temperature was actually perfect.

Lunch at Satterfield’s

For dinner, we ordered some burgers from Bueche’s Bar (pronounced Bush’s). I tried to look up Bush’s Bar until I remembered that nothing in Louisiana is spelled as it sounds. No wonder I couldn’t find it. Robbie went to pick up the burgers, and I went to pick up some famous homemade onion rings from another place. I walked out of the condo and before I got into my car, I noticed the sunset. It was absolutely beautiful. Streaks of orange and yellow hung in the sky with the water below and the blue sky above. I thought for a second I’d get my camera when I got back, and then I realized that in two minutes, it would be gone. I ran back and got my phone and took some pics. Robbie had done the same on his trip out. It was too beautiful to resist saving it for posterity. We had a feast when we got back. The hamburger buns were homemade, and the spices in the ground meat were a perfect mix. It was spicy enough to be tasty but not overly hot. I don’t eat hamburgers very often, but when I do, I want them to taste just like the one I had tonight. We hung around and talked for a bit about the day and our lives and told stories about growing up in Watson.

False River

Eventually I had to drive back home. I wanted to wake up in my own bed tomorrow morning and maybe go for a run. On the way home, I noticed the moon. It looks full or close to it, and it hung in the sky like a mystical orb draped in a silvery mist. It was so pretty. I love spending a day like today, meandering from one thing to another and enjoying each one for what it is. My friends are easy to be around, and I got to spend time with my dog in the outdoors. It was just so very pleasant from the home-cooked breakfast and divine coffee I had when I arrived to the conversation and laughs we had before I left. I can’t think of a better way to spend a day. I texted Jo Ann when I got home, and thanked them for a lovely day. “Here’s to more,” she answered back. Amen… my friend… let’s do more just like that. The spring is just beginning. Keep it coming.

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