Riding the Caffeine-Free Energy Wave


Well, I have made it 9 days without my beloved caffeine. I have to say I am feeling great. Sunday was such a bad day energy-wise that I was beginning to think I couldn’t go through with it. Fruit juice got me through it with a boost of natural sugars, but I was worried that this would be my life going forward. I have had headaches of decreasing intensity for the past 8 days. Today was the first day that my head did not pinch me for taking away it’s blood vessel dilating stimulant. I took ibuprofen on the days that it was really bad but other days a bit of peppermint oil rubbed into my temples stopped it cold. I was grateful today to not feel the achy reminder of my quest.

I have been dreaming like crazy and sleeping like a log. I woke up one night this week with anxiety. It’s the first time that’s happened in a long time, but it had a very different outcome than it usually does. I was a lot less anxious than I usually am. I got up and did headstand and a little deep breathing, and I fell right back to sleep and slept til 6 AM. Now … for most people sleeping til 6 AM is not that big of a deal, but this girl gets up at 4:45 most mornings. I made up for my lost sleep. Saturday morning I slept until 7 AM!!! I could not believe it. My friend Michael texted me to inform me of my place in the Vibrant Voice Contest, and I told him I just woke up. He’s another one that gets up early every day. He got the gravity of the fact that my overwrought mental state let me sleep until after dawn. My dream life has been phenomenal. Last night I went to an amusement park and rode all kinds of wild rides. Earlier in the week I made mad passionate love to my female running coach. And last week I purchased oceanfront property for $1300 from my deceased grandparents. That dream was so vivid that I remember thinking that I wasn’t going to tell them that it was too cheap even though I knew it was. I was worried somebody would tell them before I closed the deal. I CANNOT wait to see  what happens tonight.

For a change, I’m the one with the get-up and go….

As I suspected, my natural energy is returning. Without the ups and downs of the caffeine highs and lows, my overstimulated anxiety and my adrenal glands’ fatigue, I’m starting to feel great all day long. The first day without caffeine I could tell that the ups and downs were gone, but my muscles and my focus were so bad, I felt horrible all day. Last night, I texted the B*tch and told her I could not wait to go run. I was chomping at the bit. She told me I could do an easy 3 miler or some intervals, and I would usually have chosen the easy 3 miler. But, once I started running, I felt so good that I did drills and hills like there was no tomorrow. I wore Ashok out. I felt phenomenal afterwards. I came home and cooked and blogged and went to bed around 10. I slept like a baby and was back at it at 4:45 doing yoga. I felt good all day except for a lag after lunch, and I came home tonight feeling like a million bucks. I thought I’d clean my house before the weekend so I could head out to Bay St. Louis for Stella’s Blues and BBQ Festival. I started cleaning, and I ended up vacuuming the furniture, under and behind the furniture, washing clothes, changing the bed and even reorganizing my magazine rack and the bookcase in the living room. I’ve been putting that stuff off forever. I felt great!


I have been looking for energizing superfoods to help me energy-wise so some of this energy may be coming from those foods. The gal in Whole Foods told me about Maca Root which is a Peruvian radish that is supposed to provide energy and hormonal balance to both men and women. It’s also supposed to boost libido for up to 2000 years according to one claim…. yes, 2000 years… not sure what happens when you’re dead and you still have a healthy libido.  And, NO, I didn’t take it before I dreamed about the B*tch in the romantic sense. I’m mainly interested in its energy-boosting properties, and, of course, I wouldn’t mind some help with menopausal symptoms should they arise. The other thing I started taking is bee pollen. It’s supposed to be energizing as well. All I know is that I feel really good, and I hope it keeps getting better. My legs and muscles still hunger a little for their caffeine boost, but I hope they’ll catch up with the rest of me energy-wise.


All in all, I’m glad I did it. At some point, I’m going to reintroduce caffeine back into my diet on an as-needed basis. I don’t want to get back into the daily addiction cycle. It’s too hard to break the cycle, and it drains me. One of my blog readers and a fellow blogger (read his blog here)is an avid cyclist, and he said he’s been off caffeine since last fall. He said he feels great, and he encouraged me to stay the course. He said the best part is that when he does decide to have some before a cycling race, he can ride forever. That’s what I’m wanting from it. I want it to be a drug that I use when it can help me not hurt me.

Night, y’all… I can’t wait to see the movie in my brain tonight! Maybe you’ll be there. For most of you, I hope you keep your clothes on. 🙂


4 Comments on “Riding the Caffeine-Free Energy Wave

  1. How do you use that stuff…put in your smoothie? I use that brand of honey and have seen the bee pollen but wasn’t sure how to use it. Aren’t those dreams great? I have always had vivid dreams. Love the ones with Mom and Dad. Those I don’t want to wake up from. I love the one you had about the oceanfront property!

    • I put it in my smoothie, but they say you can sprinkle the bee pollen on anything. I love the dreams, too. Tell your mom and dad hi for me. Ease into the bee pollen if you have allergies to make sure you don’t have a reaction. Did you get a bracelet?

  2. Good for you, Sharon, sticking with the caffeine-free plan. I know it can be pretty dang uncomfortable for a couple of weeks. I have been caffeine-free for about 7 years and I know it’s the best thing for me. Like you, I felt as if I was on an energy roller coaster all day, so it’s been nice to have my energy even out through the course of a day. I did, however, let it back into my life over Christmas. My brother is a huge Coke Zero drinker, and dang if they didn’t taste pretty good after a hot day exploring Dubai. Sadly, I kept up the habit when we returned home, and then couldn’t figure out WHY I was having so much more trouble than usual with my sleep?! Duh. Dropped the Coke Zero habit 2 weeks ago and I’m back to normal! Or what passes for normal in my world 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    • Haha! I’m sure I’ll have some relapses as well, but I’m glad to hear you are back to normal. I’m really feeling good. I was singing when I got to work this morning. I had to giggle when I realized it!

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