I Need Your Advice! What’s My Sweet Spot?


I started this blog in August 2012 with this post. My hopes for this blog were published there, and, more importantly, it let me tip my toe into the blogosphere to see if I would be accepted. I do remember being afraid of what people would think in my talking about addiction and divorce, but I had to try it … I had to push past my fears of being unlovable and see if there people out there who resonated with the REAL me.

In the past year and a half or so, I’ve written about all kinds of things. I’ve written about my daily life. I’ve written about my past. I’ve detailed my day-to-day struggles and my successes. I’ve done biographical pieces on people that I care about and know. I’ve written about being single, dating and sex. I’ve written about places to travel, books I’ve read, and fun things to do. I’ve even written about fashion and hairstyles. I’ve touched on a lot of things that are important to me.

I know which ones I love writing about. I love it when I’m writing a piece, and it takes me away on a cloud. At those times, I know the words I’m writing do not only come from me, but they come from a wisdom so much greater than me that has inspired my life and my vision. Other times, I feel very little joy when I’m writing. I’ve dubbed those times my “writer’s block”.  I’ve asked for suggestions from friends on Facebook to keep my writing when my brain says I have nothing to say. You’ve provided me with improvisational topics, inspiration and more encouragement than I ever thought I would get. For that, I’m really grateful. There have been times when I struggle to get through a blog, and I think it’s horrible. Sometimes I’ve even thought of deleting it after I write it. But then two or three of you will contact me and say that you really needed to hear that today. It’s taught me that I often can’t hear my own voice in the way others do.

So, I’m considering taking this a step farther. I sort of hate to put this out there because then I’ll feel the pressure to do it, but I’m considering writing a book. I don’t want to do a book of blog posts, although a morning meditation book could certainly be a way to do that. I would like to do a book in the sense that it has a focus and a distinct audience. I’d like to teach others what I’ve learned and inspire them to find their own path. I don’t care if I make a lot of money, although it would be a pleasant surprise if I did. I would like to leave a legacy, maybe even jump-start a new career or teach. I don’t want to think too far ahead. Right now, I just want to think about it and see if it’s a good fit and if I can pull it off.

Given that I don’t always hear my own voice and appreciate what others appreciate, I’d like to ask for your feedback. There’s a list of topics on the top of this blog. If you caught me somewhere in mid-stream, you might want to read some of those topics that you missed. I’d like to know your thoughts on what are my best subjects for a book. What would you be curious to know more about? What touches you? What would you like to have in your bookcase or on your Kindle for reference? Inspiration? Levity?

There are many ways to contact me. You can comment on this blog. You no longer have to provide your email address, so it’s not a hassle anymore. However, if you don’t tell me how to contact you, I can’t reply. You’ll just have to check the blog again in the future. You can “like” my Midlife Moments Facebook Page. You can tweet to me on Twitter at midlifemoments1. You may email me at yogini.sharon@gmail.com. All of these links are also available on my blog page and can be found in my About Me section. If you know me personally, then please feel free to text or call. I really want to know where you see the value in my writing as a reader … because a smart gal would focus on that, wouldn’t she?



6 Comments on “I Need Your Advice! What’s My Sweet Spot?

  1. My favorites are when you share your adventures…. Breakfast in Breaux Bridge to running the Crescent City Classic. These posts inspire me to go if I haven’t gone or to open my eyes to see things differently or more fully if I have gone but missed the unique and interesting things you saw. If you mixed all of the knowledge you have gained from your experience with running and yoga it wound definitely be a book I would enjoy reading and from which I could learn much. Good luck with your new venture. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. I am confident it will be GREAT!

    • Thank you Tracy! That is great insight. Maybe I should think of doing some sort of “out of the way places” travel guide or how to have fun “on the cheap”. I’m excited about the opportunity to stretch myself!

  2. I have always liked it when you talk about your life experiences, especially when you add a little humor to it. You have a great sense of humor…use it!

  3. Not sure what you should write about I like all of your stores . I will say this the more passionate that I am about something the better i do .look forward to reading this book

    • Thank you! I’ve heard that advice a couple of times today. Sounds like good advice. I’ll autograph a copy for you! 😉

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