Your Eyes Are So Precious….


This morning as I was waiting in line for my decaf mocha at my local coffeehouse Brew Ha Ha, I was so wishing that my mocha would have caffeine in it. It’s been over two weeks now without caffeine, and I have had some really great, energetic days. This morning, however, was not one of them. I wanted that “hit” of energy to get me going. But, I tell you what… the withdrawal process is so intense, I don’t want to drink it again anytime soon. I will begin to add it back in on occasion, but I’m not ready yet. I love the sleep I’m getting so much more than the hit of caffeine. But, I digress…. as I was waiting in line, my eye caught an ad that was playing on the counter television set.

The ad was comprised of images of eyes …. beautiful eyes …. eyes that sparkled with iridescence and depth. Each eye was different with its flecks and rays and water content. A child’s brown eyes turned down to the camera in an act of submission. A female’s eyes lifted up in a lilting, sexy glance. They say the eyes are the mirror to the soul. And… this ad proclaimed … your eyes are so precious, diamonds are jealous.

Van Morrison’s Brown-Eyed Girl

I thought how much like diamonds those eyes on the flickering screen looked. I always thought my deep, dark brown eyes were boring. I always wanted green or blue …. or even gray. They seemed to reflect light so much better. I’ve never really gotten over eye color envy. I look into my eyes, and I see a dark disc. I want at least a hint of amber in them, but it’s not meant to be. I read somewhere that brown eyes are a sign of a strong, independent person with an an affinity for nature. I guess brown eyes fit me well if that’s true.


You can look into a diamond and it seems as if you are glancing down on the ocean floor with the sunlight dancing through the waves. It appears that there is no bottom to it. I have a diamond that is perfect. When I bring it in to a jeweler, they have to call everybody up to look at it in the jeweler’s glass. “Wow,” one said, “he did one thing right.” A diamond … even if it’s not perfect in the jeweler’s glass … is a miraculous work of art. The eyes up close on that TV screen had the same depth and play that a diamond has except that they also had color… infinite varieties of color. I’d agree that diamonds are probably green with envy.

catI had my eyes checked recently, and my ophthalmologist gave me some good news. He said that our eyes tend to stabilize around my age and, at some point, they may even get better. As soon as I hit 40, I started having difficulty with reading, and the last 10 years have been an exercise in getting a new prescription every year. But, I didn’t need one this year. He said they should stay put for awhile. I was thrilled because I was afraid I’d continue to lose my sight more every few years, and I read and write a lot. I buy unique glasses because I treasure my eyes, and I think they are an accessory to highlight as well as a tool to get through life.

I went to a Valentine’s couples yoga class one year when I was in Michigan. It was about Tantra Yoga, and, of course, my husband and I related to Sting’s claim that Tantra Yoga gave him 3 hour orgasms or something crazy like that. We were so curious as to what this was about. What we learned is it is more about being present and engaged in what is before us in our partner. We spent some time “eye gazing”. We not only did it with our partners, but we passed around the room and experienced with strangers. Taking the focus off the the rest of the person and just gazing into their eyes is very intimate. No matter the age of the person, their gender or their countenance, the eyes are alive with energy. And, I was astounded at how unique they are. I was also amazed at how incredibly uncomfortable it was to do

There’s a poster circulating on Facebook proclaiming that The best things in life are unseen. That’s why we close our eyes when we kiss, laugh and dream. I agree on some level with that. But, I’ve learned over the years that to kiss or make love with my eyes open – particularly if my lover has his open too – is one of the best ways to increase intensity, connection and passion. Granted, sometimes we don’t want to be that close. But, when it’s somebody special, and you want to raise the experience to a new level, gaze into each other’s eyes … not for a moment ... but for as long as you can stand it. It is blissful to focus on your own body and its sensations when being intimate with another person, but it is an entirely different ballgame when you gaze through the window of your lover’s soul. blue

Yes, if diamonds have emotions, I believe they are very, very jealous of my eyes. For they are mined at the moment of their perfection, but the eyes live on … sparkling, dancing, crying, adoring and creating. Each day – sometimes each minute – they are a new creation. Yours are uniquely fabulous. And they never, ever go down in value. Thanks, LensCrafters for noticing that!


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