Impromptu Mother’s Day: Critters, Ice Cream and Golf Carts

The six of us in one place at one time. From L to R: Sammy, Terry, Me, Susan, Momma and Daddy.
The six of us in one place at one time. From L to R: Sammy, Terry, Me, Susan, Momma and Daddy.

Our family had our Mother’s Day event yesterday. It happened like most of our gatherings do. They are impromptu. I was visiting last Saturday when my sister called to tell Momma they’d drop by this Saturday. Around Tuesday, I texted Susan and told her I thought I’d come by, too. “Good,” she said. “Bryce and Aili will be there, too,” Cool. That’d be a few of us. Later in the week, my sister-in-law Laura texted and asked if I’d be at Momma’s on Saturday. It looked all of us would be there on Saturday. That’s a rare occurrence for our family.

I got up early and left Baton Rouge to beat the crowd. I knew they’d all arrive around lunchtime, so I got some time to hang out with my parents and help them with technology issues. They both got new phones, and it was quite the ordeal to figure out how to turn up the volume on the simple little phones that are supposed to be easy. They are so easy, they don’t publish an owner’s manual. Well, that presents problems. I’m sure my dog was wondering why we were all standing in the same room calling each other on the phone and saying, “Can you hear me?”

The girls checking a crab trap.
The girls checking a crab trap.

Everybody arrived, and we did what we always do on Graveyard Island. The highlights of the day were fishing on the pier in the pond and riding the golf cart. We had a snake try to eat the catfish my nephew caught. That kept the kids focused on and off throughout the day. Various group of kids and adults would take off on the cart throughout the day. I don’t know why it’s so much fun, but it is. Each ride has a different flavor. My favorite ride of yesterday was one with all of my nieces and nephews. They wanted to go out alone, and they were reminded that they had to be accompanied by an adult. They started yelling for me to come along. I looked at Laura and asked if I counted as an adult. “Technically, I guess,” I said. She couldn’t really argue with it although the look on her face told me they might need to refine that rule now that I’ve moved back. Anyway, it was fun. The kids took turns driving, and the girls collected Spanish Moss along the way. I was informed (by my nephew) that I was their Aunt, and I wasn’t supposed to make them miss every pothole. Luckily no one sustained any injuries and the cart was intact although spilling with Spanish Moss.

Snakes doing what snakes do….

I’m not sure why Momma cooked on Mother’s Day, but, since it wasn’t actually Mother’s Day I guess it doesn’t really count. We kind of go against the grain anyway. Neither of my parents really like the concept of Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. They always claimed they were Hallmark holidays designed to sell cards. Yesterday was probably more of a send-off than an actual holiday. My parents leave next week for their summer adventure, so I won’t see them again until October. However, something always seems to bring them back for a day or two – a family funeral, a hurricane (they come home instead of evacuating) or the renewal of a driver’s license. So, we’ll see how the summer goes. Nevertheless, it was a day of fun. We took a family picture right before everybody left. Upon seeing it, Momma said, “Ugh… I look like my Mother.” I said, “I do, too.” We all laughed.

Happy Mother’s Day, Momma! Here’s a scrapbook for you of the day.


All the Grandkids were there.
All the Grandkids were there.

Riding the Golf Cart


I took the kids for Ice Cream Sundaes

And the usual critters were there

8 Comments on “Impromptu Mother’s Day: Critters, Ice Cream and Golf Carts

  1. Very cute, thanks for sharing….I’ve been thinking about your sweet spot…trouble is,,you have quite a few, and this sort of thing is one of them…

    Jerry Laurain | 901-574-0330


  2. Great piece that will be around a long time. I miss you Sharon. Love ya girl. Kisse headed your way. 🙂

  3. Yes, you are technically an adult! The look I was giving you was skepticism on how badly you’d be outnumbered! 🙂

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