My Beautiful Little MacIntosh … Love My Apples

Photo May 14, 7 26 58 PM

My Macbook Air has been giving me warnings about “my startup disc being full” for weeks. Last night, I decided to clean it up so that I would have a more functional “startup disc”. Honestly this has been a battle for over a year, and there is really nothing on this computer. I mostly use it for the web. So I deleted photos, music and applications where I could. Somewhere along the line I must have deleted something really important because my sweet baby shut down. Then, even worse, I couldn’t get her started back up. That little Apple would tease me and then go black. I tried all of the tips on the internet to no avail. “Crap”, I thought. I’m going to have to go over to the Apple Store and probably spend a bunch of money to get my girl fixed. I CANNOT live without my MacBook Air. I bring her everywhere. She is my blogging tool.

The thing I love about Apple is they exceed my expectations every time. Yes, it is an expensive piece of equipment. I got this one after I left my iPad on an airplane when I was rushing to make connections. I bit the bullet and got a MacBook Air because I wanted more of the functionality of a computer rather than a tablet. I’ve never regretted it for a minute until this startup disc issue started happening. I bought the smallest capacity one to save money, but it just doesn’t have enough space. Luckily, I was able to get on the Apple site from my iMac and schedule an appointment tonight at 7:15 at the Genius Bar. I sure wish real life had Genius Bars where you could go pick out a real live Genius. Or how about a Gorgeous Bar where you could make an appointment and spend a little time with a gorgeous guy. But, I digress.

The Genius Bar and my Genius

I got to my appointment right on time, and I found a woman in an Apple t-shirt. She found my appointment on her iPad and told me that Steven would be helping me. She’d sent him a message to tell him what I was wearing, and he would find me. They know how to do stuff at Apple. There are no lines. There is no checkout counter. There is ¬†nothing to do but shop and play on Apple toys. It wasn’t a minute or two until Steven found me, and I explained the problem. While I was waiting on a diagnostic, I asked him how much it would be to replace the cracked screen on my iPhone 5S which I cracked just two months after I got it. He said it was under warranty, so it would be no charge, and they’d just give me a new phone. Really? He explained that if it was a single hairline crack, they would cover it under warranty. “Well, let’s do it,” I said. I had been so sad the day I dropped it in my driveway, and a piece of gravel cracked her. Every since then, it hurt me to see that deep scar on her beautiful face every time I texted … looked at Facebook … answered a call. I didn’t want to spend money to replace it, so I had decided to live with it. But …. now … Apple my sweet MacIntosh … spawn of my beloved Steve Jobs … was making my life more joyful … once again.

It was determined that my MacBook Air would have to be restored which meant I would lose everything I had on it. Before he did it, I asked if we should do some sort of ceremony, and we said a short eulogy, and I let her go. Oh, well. Nothing I could do about it anyway. He worked on my replacement phone while it was restoring. Meanwhile, I chatted with a young woman next to me who was destitute because she left her Macbook Air on top of her car while she drove off… it was only a few months old. Not long ago, a woman asked to use her new iPhone to call AAA and took off with her phone. She moved here to go to school, and it seems Baton Rouge is eating her Apple products. Sitting there at that Genius Bar with Steven, we bonded over our mutual love for that little beautiful Apple and all that she represents.

Photo May 14, 8 00 41 PM

Within 45 minutes, my MacBook Air was restored, and I had my new iPhone set up. “What do I owe you?” I asked. “Not a thing,” Steven said. And then he showed me that he had set up a little burial plot complete with tombstone for my cracked iPhone. We spent a second saying a little blessing over it and laughed. He was so happy because he always wanted to do that, and now he’d had the chance. I packed up my stuff and walked out … back to the real world … where not everybody is cool. You see, in the Apple Store … everybody is cool. Outside, there are people that have no idea what’s inside those little silver shiny boxes with that beautiful apple emblazoned on it.

Thank you, Apple. Once again, you made me very, very happy. If I could marry an Apple I would.

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