By Appointment Only: The Redneck Spa

For almost a year, I’ve been going to see my friend Lisa for my monthly facials. She keeps my skin looking as good as it can, but most of all I enjoy our visits and her sweet touch. Once a month on a Thursday, I’ll load my dog up in the car and head over for my pampering. Ashok gets pampered, too, but just not as much, and she loves Lisa. The last time I went, she told me that the spa was closing, but she was opening a shop at her house out in the country. It’d be a longer drive for me, but I teased her that her husband could cook us dinner after. Anyway, I thought I’d at least give it a try and see if the drive was worth it.

For the entire month, she’s been updating me on all the work they’ve been doing getting her little place into shape. I knew it would be nice because Lisa is that way, but I had no idea what to expect. I often see these little country salons on the back roads I travel, and I always wonder what they look like inside. I remember the beauty salon in Steel Magnolias and imagine that these little salons are great gathering places for females looking for a place to gab. She called me to remind me to come by, and I had to text her back because I realized I didn’t know where she lived. She gave me typical redneck directions – no street names – and I ended up knocking on her Mother’s house and having to turn around twice before I spotted the house I remembered from my childhood.

The Spa

The place wasn’t much from the outside, and she told me later that she has big plans to spruce it up, but I was so thrilled when I saw the inside. It was just a pretty and serene as any little spa I’ve seen in town, and her charming daughter, Shanna, was a great hostess. She went into the house and got dog treats for Ashok’s spa experience and entertained me with tales of all of the work they had been doing to get the spa in shape. Lisa was with another client, and when she came out, she fixed Ashok some water. We got to talking, and her other client came out laughing. Apparently the electricity had gone out, and Lisa had gone out to flip the breaker but got distracted by me and my dog. She had to dress in the dark. We all chatted for a bit and took turns looking into the breaker box at the spa and the one it was connected to at the house. We finally called in the big guns – Lisa’s husband Artie – and he said he was almost home.

Nice, Friendly Touches

We briefed him on the problem, and he went to work to fix it. Everything else about my facial was just the same as it was in town at the fancy spa. Lisa’s gentle touch and her fabulous Glo products put me back in my body after an awful week of work. That was my transition time to the weekend since I took today off. The only hiccup came as she turned around to get something, and the lamp fell and hit me on the head. Apparently, she’s been collecting spa equipment for years, and the stint in storage has loosened some screws and stuff. She promised to have the glitches worked out soon. Luckily I was just scared not injured, so we laughed about me getting knocked in the head at my facial.


I was trying to think of ways for Lisa to up-sell her business and make a little extra profit. What do you think of my ideas?

  • Facial and Dog Wash Special – Lisa could perform a facial, and while the client is waiting, Artie or Shanna could wash the dog.
  • Double Oil Change Combo – Artie can take care of the oil change while Lisa gets the oil off the client’s face.
  • Body Wrap and Waxing Gift Set – Artie could wash and wax the car while the client is getting pampered inside.
  • Couple’s Spa Night – Lisa could offer a special where the couple gets facials – yes, it’s time there were metrosexuals in Watson – and Artie cooks up a jambalaya. They could dine out under the big Live Oak in the front yard.
She's even got Glo's new tinted moisturizer. Our favorite product! No more makeup!
She’s even got Glo’s new tinted moisturizer. Our favorite product! No more makeup!

Hopefully, she can find a few she likes her to boost her profits. I asked her what she liked best about her little Redneck Spa, and she said she got dressed yesterday and just walked outside to go to work. Shanna handed me my paper hand-written bill, and I jokingly asked if she took credit cards. I figured that would be a little fancy for an at-home operation, and I wrote a check the old-fashioned way. The bill was a little less than the fancy bill at the fancy spa, and I received a truffle with a nice little note thanking me for for my business. It was all quite pleasant. I booked an appointment for next month and headed out down the gravel driveway and over the wooden bridge toward home.

If you know Lisa, check out her new spa Facials by Lisa Marie.  It’s BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, so give her a call so she can get you on the books. If you don’t know Lisa and want to schedule an appointment, let me know. I’ll hook you up. Surely there’s a referral bonus. Oh yeah… bring your dog if you wish. She’s a dog-friendly establishment.


The lovely drive out
The lovely drive out



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