I Learned Everything I Know About Sexy from Country Music Stars

Me and my friend Jill – Day 2 of Bayou Country Superfest

I realized last night that I learned everything I know about sexy from Country Music Stars. Of course, it’s easy to be sexy when you are dancing away in front of an audience of 55,000 admiring fans. But, if that’s really, really sexy, then I can learn a few things from watching. Just because I don’t have a talent that showcases in that way doesn’t mean I can take a tip or two from one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen. That’s how we learn, right? From watching others? From making mistakes?

I learned a long time ago that sexy is not about spending lots of money on clothes and hair and makeup. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Sexy is about taking your God-given machine and embracing it with gusto … even if it’s unusual. Some people like costuming, and if that’s your style, go all out. Others like to go au naturale. But, don’t go half-way with anything. Find your style and live it – always. Be confident that if you feel good, you will look good to the people that matter. And, if they scoff at you, it’s probably because they haven’t found their style yet .. or they are afraid to embrace it. It’s not about you. If I feel sexy and comfortable in expressing my own style and way of being, I really don’t care what you wear. I understand that it’s an expression of you, and it’s beautiful. God made you, and he made you sexy. Being sexy just means being fully in your masculine or feminine energy – whatever mix of those two you have. It has very little to do with what kind of makeup you wear, the color or style of your hair or how much you spend on clothes.

This what I know:

The sexiest country music stars keep it simple. They know a smile is the number one sexy feature. Make it big, white and laughing.

George Strait. Photo Courtest of tasteofcountry.com
George Strait. Photo Courtesy of tasteofcountry.com

If you are going to express yourself with ink, make it high-quality and show it off. And if it has meaning to it, tell the story behind it.


Tyler Hubbard. Photo Courtesy of usatoday.com.
Tyler Hubbard. Photo Courtesy of usatoday.com.


Brian Kelley


Vintage, simple and classic stick around for a reason. They showcase a woman’s body and accentuate her best features. Find the right classic style and embellish it with your own flair. Same goes for men. Those things work for everybody.


Miranda Lambert

Age is only a number. Wear something red … and sparkly … and swingy …. and keep your hair in your natural color.

Reba. Photo Courtesy of urbancountrynews.com
Reba. Photo Courtesy of urbancountrynews.com

Don’t fret a whole lot about your hair. Let it grow natural, get a good cut and enjoy it. Oh, and if you really want to be hot, juicy and raw … get sober … and stay that way. There is no sexier thing than to accept the path that is right for you and quit fighting what doesn’t work. PERIOD.

Keith Urban. Photo Courtesy of country959.com
Keith Urban. Photo Courtesy of country959.com

Develop killer arms and embrace your style but temper it with making it functional for what you love to do. There’s no fashion problem that a great pair of boots can’t fix. And, don’t be afraid to wear boots AND pearls.

Kim Perry. Photo Courtesy of tlc.com

Again … quit worrying about your damn hair! Let it do what it’s going to do!

Kim Perry. Photo Courtesy of gotceleb.com
Kim Perry. Photo Courtesy of gotceleb.com

Or cover it up with a great hat…..

Tim McGraw. Photo courtesy of http://cornelletvt341.sourceforge.net
Kenny Chesney. Photo courtesy of the9513.com
Kenny Chesney. Photo courtesy of the9513.com


If it’s hot outside, you are going to sweat. Don’t worry about your hair.  Dress for it. Even a ‘wife-beater’ or a baseball cap works with sweat! You can get those at the Dollar Store. What’s sexier than sweating anyway?

Luke Bryan
Luke Bryan


Tyler Hubbard ... or Hubba Hubba
Tyler Hubbard … or Hubba Hubba

The ultimate sexy style is being fit enough to do the things you want to do …. need to do … love to do. The commitment to doing it makes it sexy. But the sexiest thing about being fit is the way it makes you feel. And, when you feel good, the real you shows up in confidence and style. No matter your age, gender, race, or physical disabilities, we are all given one body. If you need to eat better, eat better. If you need to exercise, exercise. If you need to get sober, get sober. If you need to quit smoking, quit smoking. Excuses aren’t sexy. If you don’t think you deserve to be hot and smoking sexy, then who else will? We only have one body in this lifetime. When you use it to its fullest capabilities to express yourself, THAT is sexy.









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  1. George Strait is the man . Really like the passion you put into your blogs thanks for sharing your life

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