Letters from Camp Harrison… or the Dog Ranch



Ashok is staying at Camp Harrison this week while I do some training in Dallas. She is such a great little writer!

Momma –

I just wanted to let you know that things are going pretty good at Jo Jo’s house.

She has this really crazy dog staying with her right now. His name is Archie. I think he is a jug head. He barks and howls really loud. It hurts my ears. Jo Jo made Zoey sleep in the kennel with him. He must have been really scared or something.

I got scared during the night but Jo Jo got my kennel and everything was fine after that. I tried sleeping in the bed with her and Robbie but Luke was in the bed too. He is a bed hog.

There is another silly dog around here. Her name is Cleo. She sleeps upstairs so I don’t see her very much.
She seems to be nice enough. For a dog.

Jo Jo has 2 cats also. Yuck. The one that is inside stays under her bed all the time. She is a scaredy cat. The one outside is nice enough. Jo Jo took me and Luke out in the front yard to potty. I found that cats tootsie rolls. Jo Jo kept saying leave it but she must have meant ‘get it’ so I did.

Jo Jo took the crazy dog Archie to the vet lady. They are going to neuter him. I asked her what that meant, but she said I needed to ask you.

Zoey is getting a hair cut right now because Archie kept licking her. Anyway. It has been real quiet with them gone. Jo Jo has worked at her computer so I have laid under the table all day long. It feels safe like my kennel.

I miss you momma. Jo Jo is sending you my picture. My eyes are real green. It must be my love for you shining through.

See you soon. I hope you learn a lot about videos.



Thank you for your nice letter, Ashok. I may post it in my blog if you don’t mind. It doesn’t surprise me that you are the tootsie rolls, and you know that she meant “leave it.” You are not always as innocent as you make yourself out to be. But I miss you anyway.

You remember when you had puppies when you were really young. Neutering stops that from happening. You should be glad that Archie is being neutered. He will calm down.

I was just reading some tips on camping alone. We are going back to Sylamore Creek next week for hiking and swimming in the stream. Hopefully it will be cooler there, too. The tips said I should bring my dog! Isn’t that cool? Why would I not. I can’t wait to see you running the trails again. Don’t eat too much this week. You’ll want to be in shape for hiking and kayaking.

I just had some soup for dinner. It was good, and now I’m going for a walk. I missed you on my run this morning. Ask Mrs. Jo Jo to take you out some this week.

I miss you and Mrs. Jo Jo.




Thank you for explaining what neutering means. I hope that Archie calms down.

I am so excited about going camping. Will I get to wear my vest so I can help carry important stuff on our hikes? I like to feel useful. I will ask Jo Jo to take me out tomorrow so I can get in shape. I hope it is a lot cooler when we go camping. And I can’t wait to go kayaking. I will try my best to sit still while you paddle. Kayaking is one of my favorite things to do because I get to sit beside you.


Jo Jo let me ride in her car to go get Zoey from the groomers. She said next time we can ride with the top down. I can’t wait.

Right now me, Jo Jo and Zoey are in Jo Jo’s bed watching TV and reading. I miss you and can’t wait to go camping.

Love you.


PS – I will try to leave the tootsie rolls alone.


2 Comments on “Letters from Camp Harrison… or the Dog Ranch

  1. Momma,
    I got to sleep in Robbie and Jo Jo’s bed last night! What a treat! Robbie is such a good snuggler. I also like sitting by his chair while he is watching TV so he can scratch my head. 😉

    • Awww… I’m so happy for you, Ashok! I’m getting a little worried that you will not want to come home after this stay at the Harrison Dog Ranch!

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