Understanding the Fox: The Art of Camouflage


A few weeks ago I was running over by the LSU Lakes early in the morning. I was on this little peninsula which is populated with some beautiful antebellum-style homes amid lush greenery and beautifully manicured landscaping. I was approaching this young man, and he said loudly, “Look at the fox!” At first I thought he was blatantly hitting on me even though I looked like crap and was at least 15 years his senior. Then he pointed to my left, and there was actually a fox running across the lawn. I was stunned to see it. I’ve seen them before, but it is usually a fluke as they are great hiders. But, this one was trotting in tandem with me and Ashok for about 400 yards.

Whenever something weird like that happens, I pay attention. I don’t really believe in coincidences, and when something really unusual happens to me especially something that is part of the natural world, I expect that it’s a message of some sort. I’ve been meaning to look up the fox in my Medicine Cards book just to see what the fox represents in Native American medicine. During my run this morning, I kept thinking about that fox again and trying to figure out what that long sighting might mean. I mean, she didn’t run from us. She trotted along beside us about 20 feet away. She’d look at me and Ashok, and Ashok would look at her. I could tell she was looking for a place to get out of the open but she couldn’t find an opening. I felt sorry for her. I knew there weren’t really any woods close by, and there were so many highways and people that her life was in danger. But we all looked at each other as if to say Hi… we don’t know each other, but for some reason we’re sharing this moment. What can we learn from each other?


I decided to look up the fox this morning after my run. Apparently, when the fox comes up in your cards, you are being urged to camouflage yourself with the same finesse as the wiley fox. The reading begged me to back off and watch what was going on around me and not let myself be seen or heard. It asked me to try to be invisible. It promises that if I can become as unobtrusive as a piece of furniture, I can be in a position to protect myself and others. The fox’s role is that of a protector. But it’s means is the act of camouflage. Here is this fox running out in the open in the middle of a city and connecting with me who is feeling really vulnerable and in danger of crushing my spirit in my workplace. No, I don’t believe in coincidences.

Ironically enough, I had already assumed that mode of operation. After my vacation, I had decided to just try to fit in and quit fighting the system. It was becoming too stressful for me, and it wasn’t going to change anyway. The Serenity Prayer has become my mantra. I am accepting the environment as it is and becoming an observer. Whether my new-found way of being attracted the fox or the universe was bringing that fox into my space to confirm my new mode of operation, I have no clue. It really doesn’t matter. Even if it was just a coincidence, and I’m out of my looney mind, that’s the message I interpret. But I honestly think the Native Americans know a lot more about this kind of stuff than we do in our fancy houses and cars. They lived and died by the signs in the natural world. I think it’s at least worth paying heed.


If you are reading this and there’s an area of life that’s causing you a lot of stress, could the fox be coming into your cards today to remind you to be still and camouflage yourself? If so, you can read the reading here. So, if you think I seem a little quieter than normal, this is why. I’m trying to be wiley like the fox. We’ll see if it works. 🙂

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