Starting the Week Off Right!


I’m back! At least I think I am. I’m feeling the desire to write again. Oh, and guess what?? Yesterday was my 2 year blog anniversary. Can you believe I started two years ago and I’ve written over 500 blogs! I can’t believe I had that much to say. No wonder my husbands thought I talked too much. They were right! Funny thing is, the more I write, the more I seem to have to say.

Anyway, the last two weeks have been a disaster in the food department. I got off track when I went to Biloxi with JoAnn and Robbie, but it was gradually getting better everyday. Finally yesterday and today have been healthy and normal for me. But I did enjoy some of Trader’s Joes premium vanilla ice cream and some of Michael’s strawberry cake last week! I finally threw out the ice cream because I was making a daily habit of eating it, and I knew I was going to outgrow my clothes if I kept doing that. The weird thing is that I got on the scale Saturday just to see how much damage I’d done (I don’t weigh very often), and I was at the lowest weight I’ve been in a long time. I couldn’t believe it. It still makes no sense to me. Although I have started walking Ashok for an hour every morning. Maybe that extra hour of walking was taking up the slack with my bad eating. Hmmmmm … perhaps I should run over to Trader Joe’s this evening… 🙂

I know that you all have been missing my healthy cooking blogs, so I’ll share what my healthy Monday was like. Last night, a friend of mine sent me an email on the health benefits of honey and cinnamon. I don’t know if I buy it all, but I know that cinnamon is supposed to be good for regulating blood sugar, so I decided to try the honey and cinnamon on toast this morning. It was absolutely delicious. My friend Shelly gave me some fresh-frozen peaches from her yard, and I added it to my morning Alive smoothie. I started off the day with a burst of energy from all of that healthy stuff. My acupuncturist has approved the use of green tea for its more balanced caffeine lift, so I made my own homemade green tea latte with soy milk.

I want some, Momma!
I want some, Momma!

For lunch, I decided to make a grilled cheese sandwich with some awesome bread I bought at the farmer’s market. It’s an oatmeal bread with all kinds of seeds rolled up into it. I love the flavor. It’s dense and soft, and the seeds add a colorful crunch. I sliced up some homegrown creole tomatoes and cucumbers as a side dish. For dessert, I had sliced peaches and greek yogurt, finds from Saturday’s Red Stick Market. I added a little more honey to that and topped it with some Trader Joe’s granola. That kept me filled up until dinnertime even though I went to the gym for a lower body weight workout. It’s amazing how eating better quality food and enough of it makes a difference in my energy for working out. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been hungry when I got home even though I’ve been eating a lot more calories and fat. Tonight, I didn’t even need a snack before my 45 minute workout.

Voila! Dinner!
Voila! Dinner!

After my workout I wanted something quick but comforting, and I needed a meal high in protein for muscle repair. I decided on a veggie omelet. Momma introduced me to Poblano peppers. She uses them instead of green bell peppers for stuffed peppers. They are denser with less water. I love them. They are chewier and have just a tiny bit of spicy bite to them. I chopped those up, halved some little cherry tomatoes and sauteed them in olive oil. I added a couple of eggs and an egg white, some farmer’s market feta cheese and my favorite seasoning, Penzey’s Adobo Seasoning with a little salt. I topped it all with half an avocado and chunked some summer cantaloupe for a side dish. It was delicious. The avocado and cantaloupe were cooling, and the poblano peppers and Adobo seasoning had just enough kick. I feel so good after having a great ‘eating’ day! I walked my dog this morning, ate healthy and went to the gym. Check … check … check! It was a great Monday!

Meanwhile across the state line … Sassy BBQ Chicken and Grits

Meanwhile, over in Houston, Michael is busy outdoing me with his fancy comfort food, so I have to share it with you, too. He’s roasted some Campari tomatoes and topped grits with braised BBQ chicken. He’s calling them his Sassy BBQ Chicken and Grits. It looks like we’re both on the same page with slightly spicy and breakfast food, but he’s always the better cook. I will have to say that he probably didn’t get to the gym and workout. We all have our priorities, right? Y’all pick something healthy to eat tomorrow, will ya? You are worth it. And try to exercise, too! I know it’s hot, but do it early.


5 Comments on “Starting the Week Off Right!

  1. Thx I didn’t know about the cinnamon in can use the help thank you and im sorry

  2. Enjoyed your blog . As you know i lost 45 pounds and in doing this I would get to a stand still and I would not lose anymore . A good friend of mine said to give my self a free day ever 7 days just eat what I wanted to so one day a week I just eat what ever I want to . He said it throws your body like in to shock and it worked . I could not believe it I actually lost weight as you did.

    • Wow! That’s a great idea. Perhaps I should give it a try. I know Jessica does a similar thing. It probably helps you to be satisfied too.

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